Raised at hook 1

2016-11-22 − 13:40 minutes
Raised at hook 1 0
Raised at hook 1 1
Raised at hook 1 2
Raised at hook 1 3
Raised at hook 1 4

The arms and legs are fixed on a board.
The hook is then inserted and attached to a cable winch. Then the hook is pulled upwards ....

Classic: At BoundCon 1

2016-11-18 − 48:26 minutes
Classic: At BoundCon 1 0
Classic: At BoundCon 1 1
Classic: At BoundCon 1 2
Classic: At BoundCon 1 3
Classic: At BoundCon 1 4

My first bondage with Lew Rubens and Weynona. Of course naked..... At the time of the first Boundcon in Munich. An unpublished classic.

Bracket spectacle

2016-11-16 − 21:12 minutes
Bracket spectacle 0
Bracket spectacle 1
Bracket spectacle 2
Bracket spectacle 3
Bracket spectacle 4

Hands clasped on the ceiling, a gag in the mouth ...
Of course naked ....
And then braces all over. No place is left out!

Penetration in the most uncomfortable way

2016-11-12 − 19:49 minutes
Penetration in the most uncomfortable way 0
Penetration in the most uncomfortable way 1
Penetration in the most uncomfortable way 2
Penetration in the most uncomfortable way 3
Penetration in the most uncomfortable way 4

For everyone who my recent trip to the petplay universe was too soft, it is now really hard again!

I was naked in a cage. Absolutely motionless I was then penetrated with a rod. Also coated with wax ....

Very bad action .... !!!!

Petplay - Ponyrace

2016-11-10 − 10:41 minutes
Petplay - Ponyrace 0
Petplay - Ponyrace 1
Petplay - Ponyrace 2

A real race ....

Yvette as a pony in front of a sulky strained. Here competitor, a model from England, as well .... Who wins ??? Who gets the reward and who the punishment ?!

Excitement, sport and petplay .... live at a fair ....

analplug, cane, hitachi

2016-11-04 − 23:54 minutes
analplug, cane, hitachi 0
analplug, cane, hitachi 1
analplug, cane, hitachi 2
analplug, cane, hitachi 3
analplug, cane, hitachi 4

I sit naked on the crate, my hands are fixed down. The feet are tied together and pulled up with a cable pull. My most intimate spots are presented ... I get a plug in the ass and a hitachi on the pussy. And then the strokes with the cane ....

chinese bondage

2016-10-29 − 11:13 minutes
chinese bondage 0
chinese bondage 1
chinese bondage 2
chinese bondage 3
chinese bondage 4

A user has asked for a "chinese bondage". He has sent me exact instructions and a sample video.
Yvette Xtreme, of course, likes to do exactly this wish; o)
The madman: The Rigger has also taken advantage of the situation and performed an evil spanking session on me ....

double hogtie

2016-10-23 − 24:46 minutes
double hogtie 0
double hogtie 1
double hogtie 2
double hogtie 3
double hogtie 4

Two Hogtie-Bondages in absolute succession!
First with ropes and directly afterwards again with belts. The latter are fixed to my neck.
Breath reduction and hogtie at a BDSM fair right in the eyes of the audience ....

Shibari on stage

2016-10-17 − 23:08 minutes
Shibari on stage 0
Shibari on stage 1
Shibari on stage 2
Shibari on stage 3
Shibari on stage 4


At a BDSM convention, I was asked at short notice if I would not want to make a Shibari Bondage on the main stage .... Of course I would like! Finally, Yvette Xtreme is interactive, o) So I show you now my suspension with Chosen Harry .... !!!!


Bondage with long-term Orgasm Part 2

2016-10-11 − 15:58 minutes
Bondage with long-term Orgasm Part 2 0
Bondage with long-term Orgasm Part 2 1
Bondage with long-term Orgasm Part 2 2
Bondage with long-term Orgasm Part 2 3
Bondage with long-term Orgasm Part 2 4

I was once again tied in new torture chamber to the cage! Of course, naked ....

The hands and the legs were fixed. Then, the Hitachi was used. This time, as extremely long as hardly ever before. For this I was fucked by a rod! I do not know if there were very many Orgamsen or just a einizger extremely long ....

2 parts of a hard session! ;o)