Torture on the chair

2017-06-04 − Yvette Xtreme − 22:11 minutes
Torture on the chair 0
Torture on the chair 1
Torture on the chair 2
Torture on the chair 3
Torture on the chair 4

Torture on a chair .... during a BDSM fair just infront the eyes of the audience ..


2017-03-23 − Yvette Xtreme − 13:28 minutes
foilbondage 0
foilbondage 1
foilbondage 2
foilbondage 3
foilbondage 4

With her hands tied to the ceiling, the naked Yvette is completely wrapped with foil. The eyes are joined and the munge is gagged. Then cut holes into the film! With the labia and the nipples .... Then exactly this body parts are played. Of course also with a MagicWand ...

Outdoor Torturewalk

2017-01-30 − Yvette Xtreme − 8:01 minutes
Outdoor Torturewalk 0
Outdoor Torturewalk 1
Outdoor Torturewalk 2
Outdoor Torturewalk 3
Outdoor Torturewalk 4

As promised, there is today again one of my classic clips. In a tight bondage, barely able to move me, I had to walk in Spain naked and barefoot! Everywhere stairs, steps and pointed stones! In addition the heat of the sun .... A very bad thing!
But Yvette Xtreme does it; o)

analplug, cane, hitachi

2016-11-04 − 23:54 minutes
analplug, cane, hitachi 0
analplug, cane, hitachi 1
analplug, cane, hitachi 2
analplug, cane, hitachi 3
analplug, cane, hitachi 4

I sit naked on the crate, my hands are fixed down. The feet are tied together and pulled up with a cable pull. My most intimate spots are presented ... I get a plug in the ass and a hitachi on the pussy. And then the strokes with the cane ....