Spread Session 1
Spread Session 2
Spread Session 3
Spread Session 4
Spread Session 5
Spread Session 6

I finally had a photographer in the studio again.

His wish was a suspension with spred legs.

Well, I'm happy to fulfill that! ;o)

Suspension for Fucking 1
Suspension for Fucking 2
Suspension for Fucking 3
Suspension for Fucking 4
Suspension for Fucking 5
Suspension for Fucking 6

That was a great photo shoot in my studio!

My rigger fixes me in a wonderful suspension so that I can give him a blowjob.

And this bondage is also great for fucking!

We have our fun and the photographer does his job!

Nice.... Right?


It starts! My new series starts on Friday: Trapped Thoughts

Here is the trailer again to get you in the mood ;o)

chicken wing hogtie 1
chicken wing hogtie 2
chicken wing hogtie 3
chicken wing hogtie 4
chicken wing hogtie 5
chicken wing hogtie 6

A chicken wing hogtie outdoor in Spain!

My rigger is none other than Damon Pierce ...

And of course (as always) I am completely naked!

clamps on the hook

Yvette Costeau12:20 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude2021
clamps on the hook 1
clamps on the hook 2
clamps on the hook 3
clamps on the hook 4
clamps on the hook 5
clamps on the hook 6

Stripped naked with belts ... Many clips are attached to the tits and pussy...

These are connected to a crane ... and then the crane goes up!

Spread legs

Yvette Costeau24:42 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Bondage Sex2021
Spread legs 0
Spread legs 1
Spread legs 2
Spread legs 3
Spread legs 4
Spread legs 5
Spread legs 6

This rope bondage is a combination of the gyn chair and the popular yellow frame.

As a treat, the naked Yvette also gets the pussy pump on!

Tape and Ties

Yvette Costeau17:42 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude2021
Tape and Ties 0
Tape and Ties 1
Tape and Ties 2
Tape and Ties 3
Tape and Ties 4
Tape and Ties 5
Tape and Ties 6

And today I am making another fan wish come true!

I should let myself be fixed once more (naked) with tape and cable ties!

I really like to do that!

Bamboo bondage

Yvette Costeau28:44 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude2021
Bamboo bondage 0
Bamboo bondage 1
Bamboo bondage 2
Bamboo bondage 3
Bamboo bondage 4
Bamboo bondage 5
Bamboo bondage 6

This is really very, very uncomfortable for the hand, arm, foot and knee joints!

The naked Yvette and 4 bamboo poles. Hard bondage, also gagged and bitterly angry games with the pussy!

A "real" Yvette Xtreme clip!

Cableties doggystyle 0
Cableties doggystyle 1
Cableties doggystyle 2
Cableties doggystyle 3
Cableties doggystyle 4
Cableties doggystyle 5
Cableties doggystyle 6

Yvette is only allowed to "stand" on her knees and elbows.

Then it is tightly fixed with cable ties and operated with the hook!

Torture Xtreme 2/2 0
Torture Xtreme 2/2 1
Torture Xtreme 2/2 2
Torture Xtreme 2/2 3
Torture Xtreme 2/2 4
Torture Xtreme 2/2 5
Torture Xtreme 2/2 6

Extreme torture for Yvette. Live at BDSM-Day her pussy is pumped up to later work on her clitoris with an electric toothbrush. Also this time her swollen inner (!!!) lips will be provided with clamps! In addition, she gets hot candle wax on the inside of her thighs and hits her with a hard whip. Even the tits, which are completely equipped with clamps, get to feel the candle wax. Of course, the Magic Wand is also used ...

A nasty torture for the naked, bound, gagged Yvette! An extreme session of about 45 minutes! Here in two parts. Uncut!