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Today there is a request video in a double sense!
On the one hand, I received a script for a new clip from my dear fan Lars. And on the other hand, I received the whip that is used as a gift from another fan!

Here is the script:

Hello Yvette
Praise to your side that you've been doing this for so many years! Here is my request video:
Your outfit: naked, and black leather overknees.
Your arms are tied tightly behind your back with 3 windings below the elbows and 3 above the elbows. Then the arms are pulled up as far as possible, as in a strappado. The legs are spread wide with a spreader bar. Then clamps are attached to the nipples and labia and a Hitachi is also tied between the legs. To top it off, you get a mouth spreader fully spread and your head is pulled back a bit by a rope on a pigtail so that you can smile nicely into the camera :)
Then you get a few more blows with the whip or paddle on your bottom. I am curious how long you will take it until you come to orgasm!
Have fun :)
best regards