Tripple Predicament

2019-03-14 Yvette Xtreme 25:35 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
Tripple Predicament 0
Tripple Predicament 1
Tripple Predicament 2
Tripple Predicament 3
Tripple Predicament 4

A predicament game with three girls at the same time!

Thrill at the escape

2019-03-10 Yvette Xtreme 21:00 minutes Bondage, Erotic Nude, Milf
Thrill at the escape 0
Thrill at the escape 1
Thrill at the escape 2

A new escape competition, live on BDSM Day. Here for the last time with our model MauRocShi .... tension is once again guaranteed ....

The script of a user

2019-03-06 NaKed and Yvette Xtreme 82:26 minutes BDSM, Lesbian, Nudist
The script of a user 0
The script of a user 1
The script of a user 2
The script of a user 3
The script of a user 4

And again one of my fans took the trouble to write a screenplay. He came up with a story for a dominatrix and a slave. It may not be the very extreme session you're used to from Yvette Xtreme ..... but my website is interactive and everyone is allowed to do his script with me and realize his own fantasies !!! This fan was also live on set as a director present!

cable ties - hard tied

2019-03-02 Yvette Xtreme 27:45 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Nudist
cable ties - hard tied 0
cable ties - hard tied 1
cable ties - hard tied 2
cable ties - hard tied 3
cable ties - hard tied 4

A session at a BDSM event. Naked on the table with very very tight cable ties ....

Sexbondage - chair

2019-02-26 Yvette Xtreme 15:09 minutes Bondage, Bondage Sex, Erotic Nude
Sexbondage - chair 0
Sexbondage - chair 1
Sexbondage - chair 2

A chair is here for a bondage! A bondage for blowjob and sex!

Bamboo bondage

2019-02-22 Yvette Xtreme 21:31 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
Bamboo bondage 0
Bamboo bondage 1
Bamboo bondage 2
Bamboo bondage 3
Bamboo bondage 4

A bondage live at a fair. This time with bamboo poles ...

Futile Struggles - Hogtie

2019-02-18 Yvette Xtreme 18:10 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Hogtie
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 0
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 1
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 2
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 3
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 4

Yvette in a hogtie .... Desperately she tries to free herself from this bondage!

Hanging, Kneeling, Hook

2019-02-14 Yvette Xtreme 28:44 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Nudist
Hanging, Kneeling, Hook 0
Hanging, Kneeling, Hook 1
Hanging, Kneeling, Hook 2
Hanging, Kneeling, Hook 3
Hanging, Kneeling, Hook 4

Gagged and hung, with almost his whole body weight on his knees, Yvette was handcuffed to the wooden plate. In her pussy she gets the hook .... And so she is prepared for the really bad games with her body .....!

brackets, cable ties, Yvette

2019-02-10 Yvette Xtreme 26:02 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Nudist
brackets, cable ties, Yvette 0
brackets, cable ties, Yvette 1
brackets, cable ties, Yvette 2
brackets, cable ties, Yvette 3
brackets, cable ties, Yvette 4

A session at BDSM-Day.Yvette naked on the table .... Very very tight cable ties and many many clips ...

Live Bondage - on the chair

2019-02-06 Yvette Xtreme 10:41 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Nudist
Live Bondage - on the chair 0
Live Bondage - on the chair 1
Live Bondage - on the chair 2
Live Bondage - on the chair 3
Live Bondage - on the chair 4

A live session in front of an audience! A really bad bondage on the wooden chair. In addition plenty of brackets .....