Escaping with Fayth on Fire 0
Escaping with Fayth on Fire 1
Escaping with Fayth on Fire 2
Escaping with Fayth on Fire 3
Escaping with Fayth on Fire 4

Summer, sun, Spain ... naked girls and an escape bondage!

Yvette together with Fayth on Fire ...

The Claire Adams Session 0
The Claire Adams Session 1
The Claire Adams Session 2
The Claire Adams Session 3
The Claire Adams Session 4

I had one of my biggest and toughest sessions with Claire Adams ... Trick: Isn't that what she is known for!

Session for the fan (5 parts) 0
Session for the fan (5 parts) 1
Session for the fan (5 parts) 2

A Yvette Xtreme fan has booked a blonde dominatrix and Yvette Costeau as a slave for an extravagant show in a small private studio! Bondage and torture should be included as well as fisting and hard pussy torture! Sure - we don't take long to ask and get started! The whole show, uncut! Here for you in 5 parts!

Latex Session 0
Latex Session 1
Latex Session 2
Latex Session 3
Latex Session 4

Today I present you a hot female domination session.

Yvette in a latex outfit penetrated by a fucking machine ...

Incision with spanking 0
Incision with spanking 1
Incision with spanking 2

Strapado fixation of the naked Yvette! The nipples are tied to the floor with clamps. Thin cords are pulled through the pussy! Tight! They go deep inside her pussy! Absolutely defenseless and motionless, she just has to endure how her ass is spanked!

ties for pee 0
ties for pee 1
ties for pee 2
ties for pee 3
ties for pee 4

The naked Yvette is fixed in the gyn chair with cable ties ...

Tight and painful .... And as you can already guess from the title: There is a really wet ending!

Nearly! Because the real ending has a nasty surprise in store!

Public stimulation current in Hamburg 0
Public stimulation current in Hamburg 1
Public stimulation current in Hamburg 2
Public stimulation current in Hamburg 3
Public stimulation current in Hamburg 4

That was a crazy thing!

Apart from the fact that I was in a latex top and in bondage in Hamburg, electrodes were attached to my pussy in the hotel.

These can be operated remotely! And that in total public in the middle of Hamburg ... Crazy, right ?!

Cable ties really tight 0
Cable ties really tight 1
Cable ties really tight 2

Another live session on BDSM Day.

Today again with cable ties. The things cut tightly and painfully into the bare skin!


Dark Elfe and Yvette Costeau30:49 minutesBlonde, Lesbian, Orgy
Games 0
Games 1
Games 2

After some really tough sessions, there is something softer again today! Scenes that happened almost "by the way" during my BDSM day. My sexy blonde sweet naked TeenyMaus Dark Elfe and I play around with the crane and the flogger! Relaxed, the scene gets its own highly erotic dynamic!

You have to see!

Pleasure and pain 0
Pleasure and pain 1
Pleasure and pain 2

I won't forget this session anytime soon! Extreme stress on my pussy! I am hung naked on the crane and set on a sybian. After my pussy really glowed, I was pulled up and lowered with my entire body weight on a narrow wooden stand! The feelings that went through my pussy is almost indescribable! Then the same procedure back to the Sybian! Hard! Really tough!