Pleasure and pain 0
Pleasure and pain 1
Pleasure and pain 2

I won't forget this session anytime soon! Extreme stress on my pussy! I am hung naked on the crane and set on a sybian. After my pussy really glowed, I was pulled up and lowered with my entire body weight on a narrow wooden stand! The feelings that went through my pussy is almost indescribable! Then the same procedure back to the Sybian! Hard! Really tough!

EXTREME - two fucking machines 0
EXTREME - two fucking machines 1
EXTREME - two fucking machines 2

An experience that was completely new to me! A session with two fucking machines at the same time! While one of them rams the dildo into my throat, the other pummeled me vaginally! It ends with a mega effusion from my mouth!

The Termination - The End 0
The Termination - The End 1
The Termination - The End 2
The Termination - The End 3
The Termination - The End 4

Today there is the last part of this "The termination" series.

Yvette Interaktiv - 5 times a user has sent the script for 5 longer BDSM stories .... It ends with further exercises for deep throat and a naturally always naked slave ;o)

Maybe YOU have the script or the idea for a new story? Then don't hesitate to write to me ;o)

Catsuit Hogtie

Yvette Costeau23:50 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Hogtie
Catsuit Hogtie 0
Catsuit Hogtie 1
Catsuit Hogtie 2

This tight, sexy, white catsuit was a gift from a user! I think it goes perfectly with a tight, nasty, tough hogtie!
Of course live in the Stuido during a BDSM day!

Classics:  Public Bondage Suspension 0
Classics:  Public Bondage Suspension 1
Classics:  Public Bondage Suspension 2
Classics:  Public Bondage Suspension 3
Classics:  Public Bondage Suspension 4

And now something from the archive box again! Unpublished material when I went to trade shows and we performed live bondage sessions!

Many have asked for it. And today I can present one of these "special cream pieces" again ;o)

Age Of Genesis 0
Age Of Genesis 1
Age Of Genesis 2

Yvette Costeau back in the cinema!

Today I'll show you the trailer of AGE OF GENESIS, an end times epic in which I was seen in the cinema again!

The DVD and the BluRay are available in my studio and for the BDSM days ...

Have fun!

Tights Session

Yvette Costeau25:32 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Nylon
Tights Session 0
Tights Session 1
Tights Session 2

Today I'm finally fulfilling a wish again ... The voices got louder that I haven't done anything with tights for a long time. Well, then it'll be interactive again: I'll make your wish come true ... A new nasty bondage video with TIGHTS! Have fun!

Strapado and Titts 0
Strapado and Titts 1
Strapado and Titts 2

A painful strapado with the thin ropes. The elbows are tightly tied together! In addition, the tits are tied and the cunt hung with the huge weights ... The naked Yvette has to suffer a lot!
A live session from BDSM Day!

two pussys get wet 0
two pussys get wet 1
two pussys get wet 2

The title description sounds rather funny! But that's anything but funny! Two girls are naked and fixed on a cage. Clamps on the labia! The pussies open wide. Then the orgs torture and the thing with the water! An unbelievably awesome session!

Classics:  First time with Melly - The B Cam 0
Classics:  First time with Melly - The B Cam 1
Classics:  First time with Melly - The B Cam 2
Classics:  First time with Melly - The B Cam 3
Classics:  First time with Melly - The B Cam 4

Today the B Cam: I'm not sure ... but this first session I had here with Melly could actually be the first BDSM session that was ever filtered with me. A wonderful find in my archive. Please consider that the image quality from back then no longer fully meets our current requirements. But I think the clip is still worth it to be presented here! Great action with Yvette and her dominatrix MELLY !!!