Futile Struggles...

2011-03-07 28:54 minutes and 74 images Bondage
Futile Struggles... 0
Futile Struggles... 1
Futile Struggles... 2
Futile Struggles... 3
Futile Struggles... 4

At the conclusion of the fair in Vienna Andreas tied me again in one of these positions, in which all movement is virtually impossible. A rope cut so painfully deep into my collarbone, I asked for it to loosen or to change the position. With the result that the clock was restarted and I was told to endure another 5 minutes in this really extreme position. THANKS ANDREAS!


Escape Bondage Training for BoundCon

2011-03-03 18:25 minutes and 19 images Bondage
Escape Bondage Training for BoundCon 0
Escape Bondage Training for BoundCon 1
Escape Bondage Training for BoundCon 2
Escape Bondage Training for BoundCon 3
Escape Bondage Training for BoundCon 4


After we already had won the team competition Bondage Escape at BoundCon last year we were all very motivated to defend our title in May. So, we use the days together with my brilliant partner Lillian Caine and train like mad ...

On Tour in Vienna

2011-02-27 26:57 minutes and 48 images Bondage
On Tour in Vienna 0
On Tour in Vienna 1
On Tour in Vienna 2
On Tour in Vienna 3
On Tour in Vienna 4

At the fair in Vienna, we visited my good friend Lillian Caine, which I had last seen on New Years Eve. Unfortunately, she still remembered the lost card game and my promised commitment. She was allowed to go for a walk through the fair with me on the leash. Well, it was a very long lap. And of course I was also dressed accordingly. At first I should wear my new lycra suit. My arms were tied extremely and they were logged off completely. Then I got a stainless steel hook in my slit which has been fixed firmly. Furthermore with a gag that was also secured with a lock. And finally I got some clips at my labia where my guide chain was fastened. I'm sure I was the most photographed object at the fair on that day. But see for yourself the astonished and dumbfounded reactions from visitors to my long session with my best (ex-) friend ...

Escape Bondage Training

2011-02-24 25:14 minutes and 25 images Bondage
Escape Bondage Training 0
Escape Bondage Training 1
Escape Bondage Training 2
Escape Bondage Training 3
Escape Bondage Training 4

Just a little escape bondage training – in front of a live audience at the fair in Karlsruhe. And what do you think, do I come out of there?


A very special Hogtie

2011-02-20 31:59 minutes and 48 images Bondage
A very special Hogtie 0
A very special Hogtie 1
A very special Hogtie 2
A very special Hogtie 3
A very special Hogtie 4

This time, no customer wish, but a spontaneous idea of ​​my bondage master. Fixated on our bondage cage at several points and then tied up in cross beam. The ropes are connected with the cross beam using a special technique so that you can tighten it easy, but I have no way to retreat it. And I can assure you, they were increasingly strained until they were extremely tight and I could not move a millimeter more ...

Customer Desire - Escape Bondage

2011-02-16 16:24 minutes and 21 images Bondage
Customer Desire - Escape Bondage 0
Customer Desire - Escape Bondage 1
Customer Desire - Escape Bondage 2
Customer Desire - Escape Bondage 3
Customer Desire - Escape Bondage 4

And again another customer wish, this time a sitting position, the wrists tied between the legs cross-legged. And I should try to free myself. No sooner said than done ...


Predicament Bondage

2011-02-12 35:29 minutes and 59 images Bondage
Predicament Bondage 0
Predicament Bondage 1
Predicament Bondage 2
Predicament Bondage 3
Predicament Bondage 4


Shortly after Christmas I got a request from FETLIFE from the U.S., a fan wanted to see a so-called "Predicament Bondage", a punishment bondage, which is simply very uncomfortable and painful after a while. LEW RUBENS is a true master who even bound me one or two times similarly. But after last weekend I have to admit that Andreas is in no way inferior to him anymore. The mean thing of this bondage was that I had no way to raise me. Either I was hanging in the arms, or I could relieve the thighs, but without raise me further. When I was tied up a while and the muscles began to burn straight Andreas came up with a new idea - the 5 minute rule! Check out the clip. And my eyes when he told me the new rule submitted ...


Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush

2011-02-10 22:58 minutes and 34 images Bondage
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 0
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 1
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 2
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 3
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 4

JJ Plush brought a very hot new gag when she visited me. This gag is called Lip Locker gag and was developed by Lew Rubens. Actually, quite simply, there is a ball gag with two straps arranged so that two girls must share a ball. Of course, we immediately wanted to test whether the gag works, and how effective it is. The result was overwhelming. Unfortunately, this clip is only filmed by a secondary camera on a tripod. The shot from that position is not optimal. I just wanted you to see this experiment, therefore this clip is simply meant as a bonus update!

Just a Decoration...

2011-02-08 35:15 minutes and 46 images Bondage
Just a Decoration... 0
Just a Decoration... 1
Just a Decoration... 2
Just a Decoration... 3
Just a Decoration... 4

This time it was no lost Bondage Bet. But I had lost a bet on New Years Eve and Andreas laid down the following wager: One hour as tied booth decoration at the next fair. The clip we shortened slightly because there was no scope for some exciting action ...


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A new Customer Desire from Mario...

2011-02-03 21:54 minutes and 87 images Bondage
A new Customer Desire from  Mario... 0
A new Customer Desire from  Mario... 1
A new Customer Desire from  Mario... 2
A new Customer Desire from  Mario... 3
A new Customer Desire from  Mario... 4


Mario has written an interesting position to me via email once again, which we have also implemented at the last fair directly. Unfortunately, the email ended as follows: "For any additional options, your boss may still think of something :-)". THANK YOU MARIO! And the restraining was promptly very tight and extremely uncomfortable. See for yourself ..