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BoundCon VIII European Fetish Convention 1
BoundCon VIII European Fetish Convention 2
BoundCon VIII European Fetish Convention 3
BoundCon VIII European Fetish Convention 4

Because of BoundCon we aren't able to keep up the updates with 4 days rhythm the next 1-2 weeks. In exchange I promise you a lot of bonus updates and first-class material from the exhibition. We have already agreed bet bondage with Clare Adams, Damon Pierce, Dr. Fatso and several other world class riggers. And by the way I will defend my title on Sunday. Come and visit me at my booth at Europe's largest fetish & BDSM convention. I'm already glad to see you...


See you soon, Your Yvette

Next Mission Impossible...

2011-05-09 28:59 minutes and 36 images Bondage
Next Mission Impossible... 0
Next Mission Impossible... 1
Next Mission Impossible... 2
Next Mission Impossible... 3
Next Mission Impossible... 4

I was so motivated. But unfortunately Andreas as well. And he has come up again with an escape bondage, which has brought me almost to despair. See for yourself ..

Triple Feature - Escape Training...

2011-05-05 54:43 minutes and 67 images Bondage
Triple Feature - Escape Training... 0
Triple Feature - Escape Training... 1
Triple Feature - Escape Training... 2
Triple Feature - Escape Training... 3
Triple Feature - Escape Training... 4

Three wishes at once! Three clips in one update! Bondage Escape training. Just 1 week, then the mission "title defense" on the BoundCon is going to start. I can not wait ...

The Sphinx

2011-05-01 33:26 minutes and 38 images Bondage
The Sphinx 0
The Sphinx 1
The Sphinx 2
The Sphinx 3
The Sphinx 4

Once again a cool idea from my congenial bondage partner. As a statue chained and put on display on our small stage. Really mean was the rope on my neck. Movement impossible. But a cool feeling over the audiences' heads ...

Finally a Bondage Bet again !

2011-04-27 22:32 minutes and 66 images Bondage
Finally a Bondage Bet again ! 0
Finally a Bondage Bet again ! 1
Finally a Bondage Bet again ! 2
Finally a bondager visited me in Gießen to compete against me in my bondage bet. He had come up with a really elaborate bondage and I was very excited. As it turned out a really tough one, but hey, I'm as motivated as ever!

Bondage Training

2011-04-23 28:55 minutes and 53 images Bondage
Bondage Training 0
Bondage Training 1
Bondage Training 2
Bondage Training 3
Bondage Training 4


First, a really nasty position. Difficult to maintain balance, especially if you are also pushed steadily. Afterwards I will be tied on the ground and I’m supposed to liberate myself ...

Mission Impossible ?

2011-04-19 39:04 minutes and 36 images Bondage
Mission Impossible ? 0
Mission Impossible ? 1
Mission Impossible ? 2
Mission Impossible ? 3
Mission Impossible ? 4
The mission of defending the title in the great escape bondage contest continues on BoundCon. And what works better than train, train and train ...  

Bad Predicament Bondage

2011-04-15 21:04 minutes and 72 images Bondage
Bad Predicament Bondage 0
Bad Predicament Bondage 1
Bad Predicament Bondage 2
Bad Predicament Bondage 3
Bad Predicament Bondage 4

This time I must atone for my big mouth. After I've blasphemed probably a couple of times about Andreas white socks, he had spontaneously come up with a special punital restraint. That was about the meanest position in which I was ever tied up. In the beginning, yet completely harmless, but after a few minutes the thigh burn and twitch uncontrollably. As if the bondage is not punishment enough already, there was also a special gag. See for yourself ..

Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge

2011-04-12 34:02 minutes and 24 images Bondage
Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 0
Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 1
Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 2
Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 3
Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 4

Another challenge for me. My hands and arms with plenty of rope and tied very tightly in front of the body. This has not looked easily. But hey, eventually I will defend my title at the BoundCon, so these ropes won’t stop me...

3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape

2011-04-08 41:57 minutes and 69 images Bondage
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 0
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 1
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 2
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 3
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 4

At the fair in Vienna, I was allowed to deny a bondage triathlon. First, a really inconvenient bondage in a standing position, legs bent tied, I had no way to relieve the muscles. It’s also called Predicament bondage - but is just hellishly uncomfortable. I was glad when I was released from the standing position. But I had rejoiced too early. I was immediately placed into a hogtie. As always extremely crowded, but compared to the first restraining almost comfortable. In conclusion there was immediately added a nasty escape bondage. The nonstop session would not end until I have freed myself ...