Mission Impossible ?

2011-04-19 39:04 minutes and 36 images Bondage
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Mission Impossible ? 1
Mission Impossible ? 2
Mission Impossible ? 3
Mission Impossible ? 4
The mission of defending the title in the great escape bondage contest continues on BoundCon. And what works better than train, train and train ...  

Bad Predicament Bondage

2011-04-15 21:04 minutes and 72 images Bondage
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Bad Predicament Bondage 1
Bad Predicament Bondage 2
Bad Predicament Bondage 3
Bad Predicament Bondage 4

This time I must atone for my big mouth. After I've blasphemed probably a couple of times about Andreas white socks, he had spontaneously come up with a special punital restraint. That was about the meanest position in which I was ever tied up. In the beginning, yet completely harmless, but after a few minutes the thigh burn and twitch uncontrollably. As if the bondage is not punishment enough already, there was also a special gag. See for yourself ..

Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge

2011-04-12 34:02 minutes and 24 images Bondage
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Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 1
Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 2
Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 3
Tricky Escape Bondage Challenge 4

Another challenge for me. My hands and arms with plenty of rope and tied very tightly in front of the body. This has not looked easily. But hey, eventually I will defend my title at the BoundCon, so these ropes won’t stop me...

3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape

2011-04-08 41:57 minutes and 69 images Bondage
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 0
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 1
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 2
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 3
3-fach Training : Balancing - Hogtie - Escape 4

At the fair in Vienna, I was allowed to deny a bondage triathlon. First, a really inconvenient bondage in a standing position, legs bent tied, I had no way to relieve the muscles. It’s also called Predicament bondage - but is just hellishly uncomfortable. I was glad when I was released from the standing position. But I had rejoiced too early. I was immediately placed into a hogtie. As always extremely crowded, but compared to the first restraining almost comfortable. In conclusion there was immediately added a nasty escape bondage. The nonstop session would not end until I have freed myself ...

Kundenwunsch von Michael

2011-04-04 17:45 minutes and 22 images Bondage
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Kundenwunsch von Michael 3
Kundenwunsch von Michael 4

This customer wish I have quite a while in my archive. Here's the original: "hello Yvette I would like to see you in the following outfit: white blouse, black mini skirt, skin-colored elbow nylons, black heels heels minimum 10cm bondage arm behind back of chair elbows and hands tightly enchained with ropes and cable ties. Hands should be completely wrapped with tape , trifold bondage of the legs with ropes, feet should be combined with hands under the chair very tight if possible. As a gag she should have a slip in her mouth and tape on it to secure it, her eyes should be glued with black fabric tape strips, mouth as well, greeting Michael "So Michael, here we go ... “

Complete Mummification

2011-03-31 42:46 minutes and 78 images Bondage
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Complete Mummification 1
Complete Mummification 2
Complete Mummification 3
Complete Mummification 4

I got this customer wish some time ago, but somehow I've always played hard to get. Now it was time to implement it. One I can definitely tell you – tighter isn’t possible! Although, one should never say never ...

New Customer Desire

2011-03-27 15:15 minutes and 20 images Bondage
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New Customer Desire 3
New Customer Desire 4
  Once again a customer wish. Somehow you seem to like it sending me escape-suggestions from which I did not come out. Here's the original text of the email:.. "This time the bondage should be on a pole (alternatively, a thin tree) Furthermore there should be used only ropes. My dream would be if you wear only tights and high heels and the camera should film the restraining. At the beginning you shall kneel with your back to the pile. Then hands and elbows shall be tied behind the pole each tightly together. The bounded hands shall be tied firmly to the pole. Now your feet shall also bound on cross behind the pile. The legs are now tied together in front of the pole above the knee. With one last rope your feet should now be bound behind the stake pulled far enough up that the lower leg floating in the air and you just touch the ground with your kneecaps . This rope should be bound on the pole above your head. It should be pulled so tightly that your lower legs really can not touch the ground. Now you can start your rescue attempt. So, Klaus I give as always my best! Enjoy the implementation ...

Escape Challenge Against Our Neighbours - Revenge !

2011-03-23 24:57 minutes and 57 images Bondage
Escape Challenge Against Our Neighbours - Revenge ! 0
Escape Challenge Against Our Neighbours - Revenge ! 1
Escape Challenge Against Our Neighbours - Revenge ! 2
Escape Challenge Against Our Neighbours - Revenge ! 3
Escape Challenge Against Our Neighbours - Revenge ! 4

On Sunday took place the big rematch. And what can I say, this time my opponent pushed. Neatly pitted by his defeat on Friday he tied me up mercilessly tight. And what can I say - I wasn’t able to loosen THE rope which would have been enough to win. At least I could rely on Andreas, Dörte didn’t open only one node. And so there were at least a draw ...


A different Shopping Tour

2011-03-19 34:17 minutes and 77 images Bondage
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A different Shopping Tour 1
A different Shopping Tour 2
A different Shopping Tour 3
A different Shopping Tour 4
After their ignominious defeat on Friday on the Hamburg exhibition our stand neighbors asked on Saturday if I wanted to come on a shopping tour. Somehow I had imagined the tour different…

Bondage Escape Challenge against our Neighbors

2011-03-15 14:58 minutes and 78 images Bondage
Bondage Escape Challenge against our Neighbors 0
Bondage Escape Challenge against our Neighbors 1
Bondage Escape Challenge against our Neighbors 2
Bondage Escape Challenge against our Neighbors 3
Bondage Escape Challenge against our Neighbors 4

Also on the exhibition in Hamburg our friends and neighbors from "the frivolous society," had the idea to compete against us in an escape contest. I was bound from Jörg, Andreas was allowed to take care of Jörgs partner Dörte. The bondage was free, but there were only 3 ropes allowed (short, medium, long). We had 10 minutes to unleash ourselves. There was a landslide victory for us! I was completely free after a few minutes, Dörte did not make a single rope! Well done, Andreas. However, our challenger immediately demanded a rematch for the next day. Continued ...