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This video is the continuation of a session on my website

I hang defenseless and tied to the crane with exertion. A sybian is set up below me. Then they let me down on him.

The vibrating cock drills deep into my pussy. With full weight my clit is on the part with the pimples! A great session!

You have to look!

As a little candy I packed the crotchless panty from this video in my souvenir shop! Take a look at this new option here on YVETTE XTREME! Then the panty can be yours ...

Escape Competition in Spain 0
Escape Competition in Spain 1
Escape Competition in Spain 2
Escape Competition in Spain 3
Escape Competition in Spain 4
Escape Competition in Spain 5
Escape Competition in Spain 6

Finally another escape session.

Often desired! This time in Spain on the sun terrace!

It will be an attempt at a hogtie ... of course, as always against the clock!

Riggerin vs. Yvette Costeau!

This is XTREME  ;o)

Hard tied session - Spanking and wax 0
Hard tied session - Spanking and wax 1
Hard tied session - Spanking and wax 2
Hard tied session - Spanking and wax 3
Hard tied session - Spanking and wax 4
Hard tied session - Spanking and wax 5
Hard tied session - Spanking and wax 6

Really tied together! Almost a hogtie ... just a little more uncomfortable!

A hook in, a gag in there. Badly taken care of the feet and toes ....

And then the hot wax directly on the ass ... and then hit the ass with the paddle until it glows red!

the noose around the neck 0
the noose around the neck 1
the noose around the neck 2
the noose around the neck 3
the noose around the neck 4
the noose around the neck 5
the noose around the neck 6

A very, very narrow variant. This time on the table again and with nasty games with the neck and the crane ...

Yvette really doesn't have it easy!

Kidna**ing 0
Kidna**ing 1
Kidna**ing 2
Kidna**ing 3
Kidna**ing 4
Kidna**ing 5
Kidna**ing 6

Carissa Montgomery and Yvette Costeau .... out and about in Spain in sexy outfits.

When a car stops and she wants to take her with her, the nightmare begins for the two girls!

You are facing a hard bondage session. A sadistic couple makes them suffer extremely outdoors in the heat!

A movie with J.J. Plush

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Spank me! Please! 1
Spank me! Please! 2
Spank me! Please! 3
Spank me! Please! 4
Spank me! Please! 5
Spank me! Please! 6

A spanking session attached directly to a predicament (see our partner website

Yvette enjoys the blows on her red ass and probably likes the mousetrap that is stuck in her clit! And she probably also likes the orgasm that is given to the defenseless girl!

Nipple Torture

Yvette Costeau26:37 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Nylon
Nipple Torture 0
Nipple Torture 1
Nipple Torture 2
Nipple Torture 3
Nipple Torture 4
Nipple Torture 5
Nipple Torture 6

Yvette completely dressed in tights. Then a bondage with cable ties ...

The fabric on the tits is simply cut away and the nipples stick out ...

And then the new torture device is used!

Evil! Really bad!

Custom Video and Spanking 0
Custom Video and Spanking 1
Custom Video and Spanking 2
Custom Video and Spanking 3
Custom Video and Spanking 4
Custom Video and Spanking 5
Custom Video and Spanking 6

Today there is a request video in a double sense!
On the one hand, I received a script for a new clip from my dear fan Lars. And on the other hand, I received the whip that is used as a gift from another fan!

Here is the script:

Hello Yvette
Praise to your side that you've been doing this for so many years! Here is my request video:
Your outfit: naked, and black leather overknees.
Your arms are tied tightly behind your back with 3 windings below the elbows and 3 above the elbows. Then the arms are pulled up as far as possible, as in a strappado. The legs are spread wide with a spreader bar. Then clamps are attached to the nipples and labia and a Hitachi is also tied between the legs. To top it off, you get a mouth spreader fully spread and your head is pulled back a bit by a rope on a pigtail so that you can smile nicely into the camera :)
Then you get a few more blows with the whip or paddle on your bottom. I am curious how long you will take it until you come to orgasm!
Have fun :)
best regards

Belts and Orgasms 0
Belts and Orgasms 1
Belts and Orgasms 2
Belts and Orgasms 3
Belts and Orgasms 4
Belts and Orgasms 5
Belts and Orgasms 6

The new bondage chair in my studio is being used! With belts I am fixated absolutely tightly on it. Heavy weights are attached to my pussy ... And finally the Magic Wand on the clit so that it generates multiple orgasms! I can already tell you one thing: It's getting loud!

Wooden chair and stick 0
Wooden chair and stick 1
Wooden chair and stick 2
Wooden chair and stick 3
Wooden chair and stick 4
Wooden chair and stick 5
Wooden chair and stick 6

The newest piece in my stucio is the big wooden bondage chair. Made exclusively for "Yvette Xtreme".

Premiere with a hard tied session with anal and vaginal penetration and mean pussy torture!

Yvette will be XTREME again ... !!!