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Hot news: The new film from Brandl-Pictures. TALK TO ME SWEET DARLING with Yvette Costeau ....

Talk to me, sweet darling

Psychological thriller

Release: 12/30/2020

Director: Günther Brandl

With Günther Brandl, Tari Ritter, Melody Bayer, Yvette Costeau, Oliver Troska, Markus Pauli and others.

For Luca (Günther Brandl) it is the much-quoted love at first sight: Sarah (Tari Ritter) is not only loving and sexy, but she also gives him the kick that he has always seen in his previous relationships. It goes without saying that things are going great, especially in bed. The happiness of the two would be perfect if there wasn't a little problem: Sarah is not real! She is a doll! More precisely, a mannequin that only comes to life in Luca's imagination ...

You may be thinking now: how strange is that? And that is exactly what Lucas’s fellow humans think in the rest of the story. Be it the caretaker who meets the caressing couple in the hallway, and above all of course Luca's mother, who at first thinks the whole thing is a stupid joke. The only one who lets him go is his wife Elena (Melody Bayer). Because she can't help it. After a puzzling illness, she is confined to a wheelchair in a vegetative state. And it is precisely this stroke of fate - it quickly becomes clear - that is probably also the cause of Lucas' paranoid appearance. Because everything that his beloved wife can no longer give him, he now projects onto the fictional character. Which of course reads every wish from his eyes ...

And that this is not just a mere illusion of the main character, but actually exists in the form of the doll, is the ingenious trick of the story, which this time comes from the sole pen of Günther. By constantly changing the observer's perspective, he then takes the whole thing to the extreme with relish. The viewer sometimes jumps back and forth between Luca's imagination and reality within a scene. Which leads to such bizarre moments as a sex scene with that particular mannequin. Explicitly shown ...

Well, that's hardly surprising, considering that Günther has already brought a lot of extremes to the screen with his solo works “Unholy Ground” and especially “The Childr*n of Golgotha”. Of course it doesn't get that blatant here. In general, both the story and some of the film excerpts give the impression that the film would hit a much more surreal, almost subtly scandalous notch. But that's not the case. The story runs much more - apart from the basic situation - in more conventional ways. You learn a lot about the person Luca, his suffering, his longings, but also his abysses. But the whole thing is still far from a drama. The viewer notices very quickly that you are in the thriller genre, because it soon dawns on him

that there is more to the love story without a future than just a harmless delusion. A bitter end is inevitable.

Sex and Crime - it is the more tried and tested ingredients that “Talk To Me, Sweet Darling” touches. The priorities are clearly on the former. The fact that the main female character is naked for most of the film may seem unrealistic at first glance, but it is more than logical: after all, we're talking about the ideal of a man ...


The DVD is available in my studio

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Hung up twice 6

A really long session! That was really tough!

Just hang it upside down with a ball tie! And when I thought it was over then it starts for the second time!

That was exhausting - but it also looks extremely cool ... if I'm honest ;o)

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An extreme find in my archive!

It may not have been my first experience with a fucking machine ... but the most intense!

Metal bondage and for*ed orgasms in one really tough video! Non-stop action ....

Hard tied with J.J. Plush 0
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A hard tied session with J.J. Plush. Outdoor on a terrace ....

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Summer, sun, Spain!

If you wish, another Escape Session with Fayth On Fire ..... against the clock!

Who will be the winner?

Just above the ground 0
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Just above the ground 3
Just above the ground 4
Just above the ground 5
Just above the ground 6

An excellent suspension!

Yvette hovers naked above the ground. Naturally ingeniously tied! The pussy is filled with a hook and with weights on it!

The special kick: With her bare toes she just does not reach the floor that would save her weight!

Strapado Spanking/Fucking 0
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Strapado Spanking/Fucking 6

I received positive feedback on my Strapado sex video the other day!

I think that's a good reason to go into the second round ?!

Have fun watching! I already had my pleasure in the execution!

Pussy Caning 0
Pussy Caning 1
Pussy Caning 2
Pussy Caning 3
Pussy Caning 4
Pussy Caning 5
Pussy Caning 6

Today's really tight bondage only serves one purpose!

The pussy is chastised! The naked Yvette is gagged and with a plug in her ass on the box. Her bottom stretched out far. Her pussy can be worked on so properly without her being able to defend herself against it. So there are clips in the lips. Your cunt is opened wide. The clit is pumped up thick and in the plum she gets a hook. The Magic Wand is a must!

Her ass is then spanked with the paddle ....

That makes she HAPPY!

on only one knee 0
on only one knee 1
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on only one knee 3
on only one knee 4
on only one knee 5
on only one knee 6

After the porn update from the other day, now YVETTE XTREME again!

And this is really an extreme video clip! Painful, tight and really hard to take! My whole weight is practically on one knee ...

Then I'll also hit the flogger ... I was glad when it was over!

Classic: Strapado sex  and more 0
Classic: Strapado sex  and more 1
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Classic: Strapado sex  and more 3
Classic: Strapado sex  and more 4
Classic: Strapado sex  and more 5
Classic: Strapado sex  and more 6

Classic: Strapado sex and more

An unreleased classic from my archive!

The naked Yvette, absolutely defenseless, is fixed in the metal in a strapado! Totally at the mercy of having to be fucked from behind ...

Got to? Maybe it's even fun? Find out for yourself ;o)

And while we're on a rather "porn-heavy" video clip, I'm adding 3 (!!!) bonus videos to this update!

1. Yvette does it with the HighHeel

2. Missed and Found

3. My first sex video when I was just 18 years old! An absolute rarity!

And if you are more interested in exploring my intimate side, then I recommend my new website

The things that I experience apart from BDSM!

Have fun....