Foil and tube

Yvette Costeau25:19 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Foil and tube 0
Foil and tube 1
Foil and tube 2

I am tied up naked on a stool. The ropes are really uncomfortably hard! Then a noose is tied around my neck and a brick is hung from it as a weight. Nipples and labia are also covered with bricks. Then my head is wrapped with cling film and I get a thin tube in my mouth to breathe ...

Upside Down 0
Upside Down 1
Upside Down 2

I don't really like this type of suspension: being hung upside down!

But this time it was really cool and I could even enjoy it. I was really fixated and it was really exhausting .....

Speed Bondage - Hogtie 0
Speed Bondage - Hogtie 1
Speed Bondage - Hogtie 2

At my last BDSM day there was a photographer present who urgently had to go to the station at the end. However, in order to be able to present this hogtie to him, we have accelerated the execution a bit this time. Still - a blatant, tight hogtie for the naked Yvette!

Exclusive show: Bound for fucking 0
Exclusive show: Bound for fucking 1
Exclusive show: Bound for fucking 2

One of my fans wanted to see a really exclusive show. He came to our studio to watch live an exclusive session alone: bondage for fucking! Of course I also made a video of it for my website ... Enjoy!  ;o)

Latex hogtie

Yvette Costeau14:57 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Latex hogtie 0
Latex hogtie 1
Latex hogtie 2

Yvette once not naked! ;o)

Instead, in a skin-tight latex catsuit. But the hogtie is even tighter than the latex!

The Termination (Based on a Fan’s Screenplay) 0
The Termination (Based on a Fan’s Screenplay) 1
The Termination (Based on a Fan’s Screenplay) 2

The secretary of a successful company has passed on trade secrets. When the boss finds out, she faces immediate termination and exposure. She can only avert the dilemma if she agrees to be his slave for a week! This time a movie instead of a clip! Hard bondages and bittersweet orgasms! ... based on the script of a user!

Hanging with gag 0
Hanging with gag 1
Hanging with gag 2

An exhausting session ... Yvette only on her knees with the gag in her mouth.

As a special user request: red gymnastic slippers

Outdoor with straitjacket 0
Outdoor with straitjacket 1
Outdoor with straitjacket 2

Yvette is gagged and then the face is mummified. She is put on a straitjacket and is immobilized in a bondage frame. Then she experiences extreme treatment of her pussy up to several orgasms, which she has to endure almost unresponsive.

with Choosen Harry 0
with Choosen Harry 1
with Choosen Harry 2

A bondage frame was ready at a flea market ....

I really wanted to use it with Choosen Harry  ;o)

The yellow frame 0
The yellow frame 1
The yellow frame 2

In the new yellow frame. Uncomfortably fixed ...
Delivered naked to the gadgets. Live from BDSM Day!
This time with vacuum pumps on the nipples and the clit!