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And again there is a sequel to the movie THE TERMINATION. Again after the script and the freezing of a fan!
This time Yvette has to work on her deephroat arts again!

Here is the Script:

J kneels next to a chair in the basic position. M orders her to lie on her stomach on the chair, her legs through the backrest. The breasts protrude beyond the seat. M ties the feet together over the backrest with his hands on his back. The elbows are also tied tightly together. M ties the hair into a braid and ties the hair to the backrest so that her head is stretched out. J asks to be allowed to speak. M gags her with a ring gag and puts her nipple clamps on. This is how she'll spend the night, M. says. He massages J's overstretched neck. He also massages her larynx. J groans. M goes out of the room and turns off the light.
Next morning:
J stands naked (she only wears long black stockings and high-heeled shoes) with her face to the wall in the corner. The hands are crossed on the back. Her feet are so tied that she can only take small steps. M comes in with a whip and hits J on each buttock twice. She flinches and groans. He sits on the chair. M calls J to himself. She kneels down and wants to crawl to M. M stops her and sends her back to the corner. J understands and comes to M. with triple steps. He orders her to turn around. He pulls out the stun gun and shocks her buttocks. She flinches and cannot keep her hands on her back. He shocks her again. She immediately crosses her hands behind her back. He sends her back to the corner. He calls J to himself again. She scurries back to him anxiously. She stares at the shocker that M is holding in her hand. M orders her to kneel in front of him. J does as ordered. M looks at her questioningly. J understands and goes into the basic position. M puts a coin on her forehead. That helps her to keep the basic position, he explains J. Fall the coin, will follow her, threatens M. He strokes her neck. J breathes heavily. M massages her neck, followed repeatedly by gentle stroking. J groans. M holds the shocker in front of her neck and strokes the neck along it. J swallows and breathes heavily. He takes the shocker away and praises J. She is behaving like an obedient slave today. J asks to be allowed to speak. M allows her. Without leaving the basic position, J thanks for the training and praise. Of course, she knew that she was the property of her master and that he could do whatever he wanted with her. But she asks not to give her any more electric shocks. It is very painful. She says that softly and hesitantly, M holds the shocker to her neck again. She immediately falls silent and breathes heavily. Since she is acting exemplary today, he will pretend that he has not heard the last sentence. But she now knows what can happen if she behaves disobediently. J swallows.
M enters the room. J lies naked in a strict hogtie (elbows tied together,
so that they touch each other, hair tied with the feet so that the head is stretched backwards) on the floor. Her eyes are blindfolded. Her mouth is opened wide by a mouth spreader. A rope (with knots) runs through her vagina and is attached to the hip. M rolls her over and massages her neck and breasts. J groans. He pushes a dildo into her vagina, pulls it out and back repeatedly. Finally he leaves him inside and takes out clothes pegs. Without warning, he clamps her on her nipples. J whimpers. He turns on the dildo and allows her to come. J is twitching. He leaves the room and leaves J twitching and whimpering.