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And again there is a sequel to the movie THE TERMINATION. Again after the script and the instructions of a fan!
This time Yvette has to endure really strenuous practices!

Here the Script:

M enters the room again. J, the elbows and hands tied tightly with leather straps, stands bare and legs apart in the room. The eyes are bound with a thin leather band. Her head is stretched out because she hangs over the gag (ideally a gag with a ring) on ​​the ceiling. She must be on tiptoe as the rope is pulled tight. She wears nipple clamps on which small bells hang, S kneels in front of a dildo that is attached to a table leg at head height, in black underwear and in a perfect basic position. She is sitting on a vibrator. He tells them that after training he will decide who can suck his cock and swallow his sperm. S turns to M and goes back to the basic position. M goes to her and grabs her hair to pull his slave's head even further back. He plays with her nipples, sometimes lovingly, sometimes he pulls on it and strokes her thumb and index finger several times over her neck. He massages and squeezes her larynx. S thanks. He holds a mouth spreader in front of her face and asks if it will be necessary today. S asks to be allowed to speak. M allows her. S thanks her and explains that it is not her decision whether to put the mouthpiece on. M praises her and puts the mouth spreader away. He orders her to practice throat-fucking 10 times. In doing so, she had to keep her mouth wide open, as if she was wearing the mouth spreader, the tongue remained outside and the dildo had to be slowly inserted into her mouth, briefly before leaving the throat-fuck next time. She also had to count and thank every time. After the 5x time she had to turn around and position herself with her back to the dildo. Then she had to bend back and complete the next 5 times. After that, she had to position herself as if she was waiting for the sperm. S thanks and turns back to the table. M sits down on the chair. She does as ordered. Then M orders her to come to her. She crawls close to the chair. She goes into the basic position and presses her elbows together. She lays her head back. She says thank you. M leans forward and massages and fingers her labia. S shrugs and groans. M asks a little mockingly if she wants to have an orgasm. S affirmed, but emphasized that it was the decision of her master. M praises S and ends the massage. S swallows and thanks M. M pulls out a vibrator. He holds it up to S's face and orders her to lick it. S does as ordered. He turns on the vibrator and rubs it against S`s vagina. S groans and thanks. S starts to twitch uncontrollably. She closes her eyes. It struggles to maintain the basic position. M plays with her nipples again and massages and squeezes her stretched neck. S maintains the basic position while twitching. She groans and thanks, hesitating. M turns off the vibrator. She mustn't come because she didn't manage to swallow the dildo deep enough. He allows her to speak. She says thank you. She hopes to be the perfect slave for M one day and swallow the dildo all the way. But of course it is up to her master how she is treated. But you wonder why she wasn't tied up. She leans her head a little further back. M orders her to take off her bra and then puts on clothes pegs. He orders her to crawl back to the table and continue to practice the throat fuck. S does as ordered. She tries to swallow the dildo even deeper and counts again.

M goes to J, who has been breathing heavily all the time, ringing the bell and trying to draw attention to herself. He nudges her several times so that she almost loses contact with the floor and strictly asks what he taught her. J gently squeezes a thank you through the gag. M thinks he didn't understand. J apologizes and now repeats the sentence louder. M nudges her again and threatens that she will have to pay for another disobedience. But to get a foretaste, she'll already get 5 blows with the riding crop on each buttock. She will count and say thank you after every blow, he orders. J breathes heavily. He orders J to close his legs. J does as ordered. He pulls out a vibrator and binds it so that the head touches her vagina. He turns it on and J starts to tremble and groan. She says thank you. M ridiculously says that she shouldn't thank her too early, because she is not allowed to have an orgasm. J thanks. She moans. M performs the 10 strikes. J counts and thanks after every stroke. He turns off the vibrator at J and removes it. J shrugs and breathes heavily. She says thank you. He goes to S, kneels behind her and massages her neck vigorously. S asks to be allowed to speak. M allows her. She thanks her and hesitantly asks if she will be the one to blow M. He grabs her by the neck. S asks to speak again. After M's permission, S apologizes. It was of course only his decision which slave girl was allowed to blow him. M orders S to continue sucking on the dildo and to thank each time. He watches for a while. Then he hits J on the buttock again, who thanks him. M puts an alarm clock in front of S on the table. After 5 minutes, he orders her to crawl to J and untie the rope with which J hangs from the ceiling. Then she had to clamp her clothes pegs to J`s nipples in addition to the nipple clamps. Finally, they have to kneel next to each other in the basic position and wait for him. Until then, she has to continue to practice the throat-fuck. He leaves the room. After 5 minutes S crawls to J. She loosens the rope that J was holding on the ceiling. J breathes a sigh of relief and goes into basic position. S starts massaging J's nipples and strokes her overstretched neck. J flinches but can't do anything about S's touch because they're still bound, gagged, and blindfolded. S points out to J that she has been M's slave for a long time and that J shouldn't imagine that she can take her place. S pulls J's nipples again, slapped her and then puts the clothespins on her. S kneels next to J and goes into basic position. no sound from J. M praises her. J asks to be allowed to speak. M no. He places a vibrator between her legs and turns it on. Without changing her position, J rubs her vagina on the vibrator. M stands up, grabs her by the neck hard, so that J almost stays out of breath. When he lets go, J gasps for breath. He puts the whip across J's mouth and leaves the room without a word. J breathes heavily and thanks quietly. (the camera stays on J).
(reverse prayer). Her braid is also tied to the leather cord, so that her head is stretched back. Finally, the tape runs over her neck. The band has a thick knot that sits directly on her larynx. M enters the room with a whip. Suddenly he hits J on the left buttock. It twitches, but no sound. M sits down and calls J to him. She turns and now you can see the nipple clamps on her breasts sticking out of her body, kneeling down and crawling to M. She goes into the basic position. M orders her to swallow and the leather band or the knot moves. She closes her eyes. He runs his index finger up and down her neck and taps her larynx. Today he will test how she deals with pain and how it is for her obedience, he explains. She breathes heavily. Finally, he taps her chin. She stretches her head further back and closes her eyes again. This will stretch her breasts forward. M plays with the nipple clamps. J writhes but remains silent. He hits her on the chest several times with the whip. She shrugs, but otherwise
M enters the dark office and turns on the light. J stands in a tight-fitting corset, with her legs spread apart and facing the wall in the corner of the room. Her thumbs are tied with a thin black leather strap and pulled up behind her back....