Supertight Session 0
Supertight Session 1
Supertight Session 2

A super tight session!
Kneeling on the table, naked! Hands fixed on the back, tits tied off! Everything very tight with thin ropes...
The head wide in the neck, the eyes tied up...a rope tight at the neck.....and then there is the hook in the cunt, which pulls the head back!
Hang in there Yvette!!! It becomes strenuous!

Age Of Genesis 0
Age Of Genesis 1
Age Of Genesis 2

Yvette Costeau back in the cinema!

Today I'll show you the trailer of AGE OF GENESIS, an end times epic in which I was seen in the cinema again!

The DVD and the BluRay are available in my studio and for the BDSM days ...

Have fun!

condom over my head 0
condom over my head 1
condom over my head 2

User request fulfilled!

I should wear latex clothes and pull a condom over my head and then inflate it!

Was my premiere for this fetish! How do you like it?


17:45 minutesFetish, Fucking, Nylon

Yvette Xtreme. Something different today!

In 2018 I was invited to an art project. A well-known German photographer wanted to create 10 different pictures in the area of fetish, BDSM and porn together with a lot of people. The pictures can now be seen in a museum. But I have the only and exclusive video of the shooting day here! You can see here on my website how the pictures were made and what a great effort was made!

Have fun....

Premiere - the new play equipment 0
Premiere - the new play equipment 1
Premiere - the new play equipment 2

We have a new play equipment in the studio! Arrived and assembled on time for the last BDSM Day! And immediately, of course, Yvette is also "assembled" and played badly evil!

Locks escaping with Joan 0
Locks escaping with Joan 1
Locks escaping with Joan 2

An escape competition with locks. This time with Joan in the straitjacket and the naked Yvette in chains.

Can we do it?

Live Show with Choosen Harry 0
Live Show with Choosen Harry 1
Live Show with Choosen Harry 2
Live Show with Choosen Harry 3
Live Show with Choosen Harry 4

Another live show with Choosen Harry, just before the opening of the BoFeWo.

Also this time I will be there again ;o)