cable ties hogtie 1
cable ties hogtie 2

A hogtie, outdoor in the sun! Of course naked ...

But this time with tight cable ties ....

Speed Bondage - Hogtie 0
Speed Bondage - Hogtie 1
Speed Bondage - Hogtie 2

At my last BDSM day there was a photographer present who urgently had to go to the station at the end. However, in order to be able to present this hogtie to him, we have accelerated the execution a bit this time. Still - a blatant, tight hogtie for the naked Yvette!

Latex hogtie

Yvette Xtreme14:57 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Latex hogtie 0
Latex hogtie 1
Latex hogtie 2

Yvette once not naked! ;o)

Instead, in a skin-tight latex catsuit. But the hogtie is even tighter than the latex!

xtreme hogtie 0
xtreme hogtie 1
xtreme hogtie 2

An absolutely extreme hogtie! Hard, tight and endlessly long!

Yvette goes to her absolute limit! Nearly 40 minutes of nonstop action!

Hard Hogtie

Yvette Xtreme14:05 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Nudist
Hard Hogtie 0
Hard Hogtie 1
Hard Hogtie 2

A tight hogtie, naked on the table ....

At the request of a fan, the mouth was covered with lycra plaster.

Futile Struggles - Hogtie 0
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 1
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 2
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 3
Futile Struggles - Hogtie 4

Yvette in a hogtie .... Desperately she tries to free herself from this bondage!

Painfully overstretched 0
Painfully overstretched 1
Painfully overstretched 2

One of my really hardest sessions! Extremely overstretched in the hollow cross. Hands and feet fixed with chains. And then also a gag in the mouth and a speculum in the pussy. Later even the big dildo rod! Really hard!

video bonus

10:35 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Hogtie
video bonus 0
video bonus 1
video bonus 2
video bonus 3
video bonus 4

In my archive I once again found an older unpublished clip! This is now just a small bonus ...!

Hogtie and feet lick 0
Hogtie and feet lick 1
Hogtie and feet lick 2

A fulfilled wish!

Lena King ties me into a tight hogtie. After that I have to lick her bare feet!