Wooden chair and stick 0
Wooden chair and stick 1
Wooden chair and stick 2
Wooden chair and stick 3
Wooden chair and stick 4
Wooden chair and stick 5
Wooden chair and stick 6

The newest piece in my stucio is the big wooden bondage chair. Made exclusively for "Yvette Xtreme".

Premiere with a hard tied session with anal and vaginal penetration and mean pussy torture!

Yvette will be XTREME again ... !!!

Just above the ground 0
Just above the ground 1
Just above the ground 2
Just above the ground 3
Just above the ground 4
Just above the ground 5
Just above the ground 6

An excellent suspension!

Yvette hovers naked above the ground. Naturally ingeniously tied! The pussy is filled with a hook and with weights on it!

The special kick: With her bare toes she just does not reach the floor that would save her weight!

Pussy Caning 0
Pussy Caning 1
Pussy Caning 2
Pussy Caning 3
Pussy Caning 4
Pussy Caning 5
Pussy Caning 6

Today's really tight bondage only serves one purpose!

The pussy is chastised! The naked Yvette is gagged and with a plug in her ass on the box. Her bottom stretched out far. Her pussy can be worked on so properly without her being able to defend herself against it. So there are clips in the lips. Your cunt is opened wide. The clit is pumped up thick and in the plum she gets a hook. The Magic Wand is a must!

Her ass is then spanked with the paddle ....

That makes she HAPPY!

Hard Tied Suspension 0
Hard Tied Suspension 1
Hard Tied Suspension 2
Hard Tied Suspension 3
Hard Tied Suspension 4
Hard Tied Suspension 5
Hard Tied Suspension 6

Almost naked, fixed with jeans chaps in an uncomfortable strapado. The legs are bent so that the entire weight lies on a block with the pussy! An extreme session! Yvette is gagged and tied with tape. The eyes are also wallpapered. A weight is also hung around the neck! The hook also goes into the pussy!

It can hardly get any harder!

Wax on the cunt 0
Wax on the cunt 1
Wax on the cunt 2
Wax on the cunt 3
Wax on the cunt 4
Wax on the cunt 5
Wax on the cunt 6

This time again a fulfilled wish of a fan:

First, Yvette is fixed naked in the hollow back on the table top. Additionally attached to the ceiling with ropes.

Then he picks up the candles and pours hot wax over her naked pussy. It runs directly over the clitoris, labia and into the cunt.

At the end of this hard session he hits the dry wax off her pussy with a whip!

Candles and tape 0
Candles and tape 1
Candles and tape 2
Candles and tape 3
Candles and tape 4
Candles and tape 5
Candles and tape 6

Yvette is fixed on a chair with tape and then penetrated with burning candles!

Suspension - Insertion 0
Suspension - Insertion 1
Suspension - Insertion 2
Suspension - Insertion 3
Suspension - Insertion 4
Suspension - Insertion 5
Suspension - Insertion 6

Yvette Xtreme, naked in a suspension ... Then penetrated ....and additionally hung with weights ...

Live on a BDSM day.

Hook deep insight 0
Hook deep insight 1
Hook deep insight 2
Hook deep insight 3
Hook deep insight 4
Hook deep insight 5
Hook deep insight 6

The more you resist this bondage the deeper the hook drills in!

Hung up for penetration 0
Hung up for penetration 1
Hung up for penetration 2
Hung up for penetration 3
Hung up for penetration 4
Hung up for penetration 5
Hung up for penetration 6

Tied up and pulled up with the crane. For this one purpose: Penetration of the pussy!

Ladder Torture 0
Ladder Torture 1
Ladder Torture 2
Ladder Torture 3
Ladder Torture 4
Ladder Torture 5
Ladder Torture 6

Yvette, totally naked on the wooden ladder! A very exhausting and painful session with lots of ropes, laces and a hook. Nasty for the pussy and nipples!