Candles and tape 0
Candles and tape 1
Candles and tape 2

Yvette is fixed on a chair with tape and then penetrated with burning candles!

Suspension - Insertion 0
Suspension - Insertion 1
Suspension - Insertion 2

Yvette Xtreme, naked in a suspension ... Then penetrated ....and additionally hung with weights ...

Live on a BDSM day.

Hook deep insight 0
Hook deep insight 1
Hook deep insight 2

The more you resist this bondage the deeper the hook drills in!

Hung up for penetration 0
Hung up for penetration 1
Hung up for penetration 2
Hung up for penetration 3
Hung up for penetration 4

Tied up and pulled up with the crane. For this one purpose: Penetration of the pussy!

Ladder Torture 0
Ladder Torture 1
Ladder Torture 2
Ladder Torture 3
Ladder Torture 4

Yvette, totally naked on the wooden ladder! A very exhausting and painful session with lots of ropes, laces and a hook. Nasty for the pussy and nipples!