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Today I present a real classic!

Together with my dear friend Jill Diamond I made some fetish videos for BLOODANGERLS. I can now present this to you here on my own website. One can be curious ... Because it was really hot!

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Yvette Costeau19:43 minutesBondage, Latex, Suspension
ballance 0
ballance 1
ballance 2

Yvette as you rarely see her! Not naked !!! Today in a tight latex outfit.

Fixed and pulled up to a suspension ... Sexy Flying!

Latex hogtie

Yvette Costeau14:57 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Latex hogtie 0
Latex hogtie 1
Latex hogtie 2

Yvette once not naked! ;o)

Instead, in a skin-tight latex catsuit. But the hogtie is even tighter than the latex!

Latex Suspension 0
Latex Suspension 1
Latex Suspension 2
Latex Suspension 3
Latex Suspension 4

Something very special today: Yvette is not naked! ;o)

Instead, I'm wearing a red latex jumpsuit. I am tied up in a chair and hung up with the crane to a suspension!

CLASSIC: Latexgirls

24:00 minutesLatex
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 0
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 1
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 2
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 3
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 4

And now, in between, a film from my archive .... A film that I filmed about 12 years ago for Bloodangels. With the german fetishgirl Jill Diamnond !!!!