Classic: Strapado sex  and more 1
Classic: Strapado sex  and more 2

Classic: Strapado sex and more

An unreleased classic from my archive!

The naked Yvette, absolutely defenseless, is fixed in the metal in a strapado! Totally at the mercy of having to be fucked from behind ...

Got to? Maybe it's even fun? Find out for yourself ;o)

And while we're on a rather "porn-heavy" video clip, I'm adding 3 (!!!) bonus videos to this update!

1. Yvette does it with the HighHeel

2. Missed and Found

3. My first sex video when I was just 18 years old! An absolute rarity!

And if you are more interested in exploring my intimate side, then I recommend my new website

The things that I experience apart from BDSM!

Have fun....

Classic: Girl-Girl-Penetration 0
Classic: Girl-Girl-Penetration 1
Classic: Girl-Girl-Penetration 2
Classic: Girl-Girl-Penetration 3
Classic: Girl-Girl-Penetration 4

Today another classic of my videos from the archive!

In the old torture chamber, once again fixed in the metal .....

The naked Yvette delivered for a nasty penetration!

TRAINING - the script of a fan 0
TRAINING - the script of a fan 1
TRAINING - the script of a fan 2
TRAINING - the script of a fan 3
TRAINING - the script of a fan 4

Once again a fan sent me a script!

For over an hour, the naked slave Yvette should complete several stations in which she should train herself with throating and braces and in her basic position! A task that I always enjoy doing!

Uncut Video - Over an Hour!

Latex Session 0
Latex Session 1
Latex Session 2
Latex Session 3
Latex Session 4

Today I present you a hot female domination session.

Yvette in a latex outfit penetrated by a fucking machine ...

Public stimulation current in Hamburg 0
Public stimulation current in Hamburg 1
Public stimulation current in Hamburg 2
Public stimulation current in Hamburg 3
Public stimulation current in Hamburg 4

That was a crazy thing!

Apart from the fact that I was in a latex top and in bondage in Hamburg, electrodes were attached to my pussy in the hotel.

These can be operated remotely! And that in total public in the middle of Hamburg ... Crazy, right ?!

The Termination - The End 0
The Termination - The End 1
The Termination - The End 2
The Termination - The End 3
The Termination - The End 4

Today there is the last part of this "The termination" series.

Yvette Interaktiv - 5 times a user has sent the script for 5 longer BDSM stories .... It ends with further exercises for deep throat and a naturally always naked slave ;o)

Maybe YOU have the script or the idea for a new story? Then don't hesitate to write to me ;o)

Nylons and Belts 0
Nylons and Belts 1
Nylons and Belts 2
Nylons and Belts 3
Nylons and Belts 4

Neon-colored belts and nylons all over your body! A hot mix for a crazy bondage session! Of course, live again at the BDSM Day, which you too can be there live! For tickets just write me an email. By the way, you can also write to me if you have a crazy idea for a bondage or a session!

Kind regards


Double Sybian 0
Double Sybian 1
Double Sybian 2
Double Sybian 3
Double Sybian 4

What a mega session! Orgasm to absolute exhaustion!

Two naked girls at BDSM Day. Dark Elfe sits on the Sybian first. Feet and hands fixed. You can't escape. It drives her hard to orgasm! Really extreme !!! Meanwhile, Yvette is fixed in the gyn chair and her cunt is inflated with a vacuum pump.

After Dark Elfe is completely finished, Yvette is now put on the Sybian with a thick pussy! Another great highlight now! After that, the session should actually end ... But Dark Elfe wants to get on the orgasm apparatus again! This time Yvette operates the device and there is a really really extreme end!

Gearshiftslut 0
Gearshiftslut 1
Gearshiftslut 2
Gearshiftslut 3
Gearshiftslut 4

A little funny video. Made by one of my photographers in Mainz!

An full hour fucking machine 0
An full hour fucking machine 1
An full hour fucking machine 2
An full hour fucking machine 3
An full hour fucking machine 4

An exceptional video request from a fan! Met by Yvette Xtreme!

BDSM model Kyria should be fixed to a fucking machine for a full hour! A full hour of non-stop orgasms and permanent penetration!

I will operate the controller!

The video should be uncut! So that no fake is possible !!!