cable ties hogtie 1
cable ties hogtie 2

A hogtie, outdoor in the sun! Of course naked ...

But this time with tight cable ties ....

Outdoor with straitjacket 0
Outdoor with straitjacket 1
Outdoor with straitjacket 2

Yvette is gagged and then the face is mummified. She is put on a straitjacket and is immobilized in a bondage frame. Then she experiences extreme treatment of her pussy up to several orgasms, which she has to endure almost unresponsive.

On the stake 0
On the stake 1
On the stake 2

Outdoor, naked .... tied to a peg and exposed to the sun!

Birthday: Upskirt in Heilbronn 0
Birthday: Upskirt in Heilbronn 1
Birthday: Upskirt in Heilbronn 2

Today is my birthday and I will make you a little gift! This time no BDSM .... just upskirt in the park! Have fun....