Ass full of wax

2017-09-22 Yvette Xtreme 23:18 minutes BDSM
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Ass full of wax 1
Ass full of wax 2

Yvette, of course naked ... Tied on the board. With ropes the arms and legs are laced upwards. A kind of hogtie .... In the ropes are two candles, which drip nonstop on their ass ...

spanked by an user

2017-05-23 Yvette Xtreme 20:42 minutes Spanking
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spanked by an user 2

For the first time now one of my fans could spank my ass! On my BDSM-Day he has tied me naked with belts and with my bare hands my ass fiercely spanked!

chinese bondage

2016-10-29 11:13 minutes Bondage
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chinese bondage 2
chinese bondage 3
chinese bondage 4

A user has asked for a "chinese bondage". He has sent me exact instructions and a sample video.
Yvette Xtreme, of course, likes to do exactly this wish; o)
The madman: The Rigger has also taken advantage of the situation and performed an evil spanking session on me ....