Nailed on

Yvette Costeau28:04 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
Nailed on 1
Nailed on 2
Nailed on 3
Nailed on 4

Naked on the wooden table. The hands fixed on the back. The toes laced together. A gag in the mouth which is nailed to my fixation rod with cords. Inconvenient, evil, extreme, ..., Yvette!

Strapado for Fucking 1
Strapado for Fucking 2

Strapado bondage! Naked! The nipples and labia are tied directly to the pillory with which my bare feet are fixed! Totally defenseless, I now get my tormentor's cock stuck in my mouth! He fucks my face mercilessly! Then he puts his part in my wide open cunt hole! What a fuck in awesome conditions! Oh yes - if you don't know: You can also be there live with me! BDSM-Day: Every third Saturday of the month ....

public car bondage 0
public car bondage 1
public car bondage 2

Today I'm trying something new!

Completely naked, I let myself be tied up to a hogtie on the roadside. In the mouth I get a gag and bad mouse traps on the nipples. And then the journey starts! Naked in the back of the car, in a hogtie. To a parking lot. The car will then be parked there with me!

More of that?

gauze bandage 0
gauze bandage 1
gauze bandage 2
gauze bandage 3
gauze bandage 4

Bondage with gauze bandages! Tied tits, mummified face ... Defenseless on the board. Prepared for orgasm games!

Hanging with gag 0
Hanging with gag 1
Hanging with gag 2

An exhausting session ... Yvette only on her knees with the gag in her mouth.

As a special user request: red gymnastic slippers

Outdoor with straitjacket 0
Outdoor with straitjacket 1
Outdoor with straitjacket 2

Yvette is gagged and then the face is mummified. She is put on a straitjacket and is immobilized in a bondage frame. Then she experiences extreme treatment of her pussy up to several orgasms, which she has to endure almost unresponsive.

On the stake 0
On the stake 1
On the stake 2

Outdoor, naked .... tied to a peg and exposed to the sun!

Latex Suspension 0
Latex Suspension 1
Latex Suspension 2
Latex Suspension 3
Latex Suspension 4

Something very special today: Yvette is not naked! ;o)

Instead, I'm wearing a red latex jumpsuit. I am tied up in a chair and hung up with the crane to a suspension!

Hook and Tights 0
Hook and Tights 1
Hook and Tights 2

Naked on the wooden chair .... A gag in the mouth ... A pair of tights over the head ....

This is attached to a hook that is in my pussy.

Bondage, SM and penetration ....

Yvette live at BDSM Day! By the way, you can now see all the dates on

Have fun!


17:45 minutesFetish, Fucking, Nylon

Yvette Xtreme. Something different today!

In 2018 I was invited to an art project. A well-known German photographer wanted to create 10 different pictures in the area of fetish, BDSM and porn together with a lot of people. The pictures can now be seen in a museum. But I have the only and exclusive video of the shooting day here! You can see here on my website how the pictures were made and what a great effort was made!

Have fun....