Chair and Belts 1
Chair and Belts 2
Chair and Belts 3
Chair and Belts 4
Chair and Belts 5
Chair and Belts 6

A really tight and exhausting bondage with belts on the wooden chair. That really cost me a lot of strength!

But for that I was rewarded with an orgasm!


Belts and Orgasms 0
Belts and Orgasms 1
Belts and Orgasms 2
Belts and Orgasms 3
Belts and Orgasms 4
Belts and Orgasms 5
Belts and Orgasms 6

The new bondage chair in my studio is being used! With belts I am fixated absolutely tightly on it. Heavy weights are attached to my pussy ... And finally the Magic Wand on the clit so that it generates multiple orgasms! I can already tell you one thing: It's getting loud!

Latex Suspension 0
Latex Suspension 1
Latex Suspension 2
Latex Suspension 3
Latex Suspension 4
Latex Suspension 5
Latex Suspension 6

Something very special today: Yvette is not naked! ;o)

Instead, I'm wearing a red latex jumpsuit. I am tied up in a chair and hung up with the crane to a suspension!

Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 0
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 1
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 2
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 3
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 4
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 5
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 6

Yvette Xtreme and Kyria ... together naked in a belt bondage incl. Suspension.

2 parts....

Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 0
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 1
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 2
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 3
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 4
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 5
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 6

Yvette Xtreme and Kyria ... together naked in a belt bondage incl. Suspension.

2 parts....

Intense Chairtie...

26:26 minutes and 47 imagesBondage
Intense Chairtie... 0
Intense Chairtie... 1
Intense Chairtie... 2
Intense Chairtie... 3
Intense Chairtie... 4
Intense Chairtie... 5
Intense Chairtie... 6 Delona. Live at the Fair in Munich Delona tied me into an extraordinary Chairtie !

Bondage Desire from Pierre

12:58 minutes and 40 imagesBondage
Bondage Desire from Pierre 0
Bondage Desire from Pierre 1
Bondage Desire from Pierre 2
Bondage Desire from Pierre 3
Bondage Desire from Pierre 4
Bondage Desire from Pierre 5
Bondage Desire from Pierre 6

Here the default from an email: "... sitting on a chair, hands and arms tightly bound against the chair behind her back, the feet shackled and linked with her hands under the chair. Then the big toe should be tied and connected with the hair or a gag. I think you have no chance. Regards, Pierre. " So, Pierre, the implementation here ...