Torture in my doungeon

2017-01-24 Venus Kitty 17:48 minutes BDSM
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Well, the new girl is back at the start! In my doungeon, the little one is once again naked and treated neatly! Totally inexperienced, the 18-year-old girl does what happens with her. After she had squirted for joy during the last session, I was really looking forward to her second session. Check out for yourself if she has the stuff to the BDSM-Bunny .... and write me but simply if you like more of her? You can also join our BDSM-Days in the studio and see them and me live .....

with the "carpet beater"

2016-09-23 10:25 minutes Spanking
with the "carpet beater" 0
with the "carpet beater" 1
with the "carpet beater" 2

Naked I stand in my torture chamber. The hands fixed on the ceiling. The legs spread. A rope swaged by my pussy ....
And then the guy comes with a carpet beater and spanks me with it ....