Ladder Torture

2018-06-06 Yvette Xtreme 21:50 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Insertions
Ladder Torture 0
Ladder Torture 1
Ladder Torture 2
Ladder Torture 3
Ladder Torture 4

Yvette, totally naked on the wooden ladder! A very exhausting and painful session with lots of ropes, laces and a hook. Nasty for the pussy and nipples!

Predicament - Foot and Pussy

2017-07-26 17:17 minutes BDSM
Predicament - Foot and Pussy 0
Predicament - Foot and Pussy 1
Predicament - Foot and Pussy 2
Predicament - Foot and Pussy 3
Predicament - Foot and Pussy 4

A predicament session with Yvette Xtreme and Venus Kitty.

While Kitty is lying in the cage, her foot is clipped to Yvette's pussy. How long can she keep her foot up ?!

Tied to a board

2017-02-15 Yvette Xtreme 19:14 minutes Bondage
Tied to a board 0
Tied to a board 1
Tied to a board 2
Tied to a board 3
Tied to a board 4

This time, the naked Yvette is tied to a board and then tipped. Whether the fixation is enough that she does not slide down?

Susi de Luxe is new...!!!

2016-09-30 16:07 minutes Bondage
Susi de Luxe is new...!!! 0
Susi de Luxe is new...!!! 1
Susi de Luxe is new...!!! 2
Susi de Luxe is new...!!! 3
Susi de Luxe is new...!!! 4

What happens then if I'm not there:

Recently Susi de Luxe was for a photo shoot in my studio. She has course discovered the SM-corner and the equipment. She has never done before something along these lines. However, she was curious and wanted it then but to try. So it was led by Marc with a relatively soft BDSM session in gynchair to approach the subject. And then??? She has great pleasure küftig continue to do this and also try harder stuff ...

My question to you: Do you want to see more of her your future? And if so, what shall we do to her ?! Give me please feedback; o)

bound to pee

2016-09-02 11:16 minutes Bondage
bound to pee 0
bound to pee 1
bound to pee 2

I'm tied to a cage. Of course, naked ....

Among them is an old tin tub ...

I have to try despite the bondage into it to pee ....

Bound to Pee ....