the noose around the neck 0
the noose around the neck 1
the noose around the neck 2
the noose around the neck 3
the noose around the neck 4
the noose around the neck 5
the noose around the neck 6

A very, very narrow variant. This time on the table again and with nasty games with the neck and the crane ...

Yvette really doesn't have it easy!

Nipple Torture

Yvette Costeau26:37 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Nylon
Nipple Torture 0
Nipple Torture 1
Nipple Torture 2
Nipple Torture 3
Nipple Torture 4
Nipple Torture 5
Nipple Torture 6

Yvette completely dressed in tights. Then a bondage with cable ties ...

The fabric on the tits is simply cut away and the nipples stick out ...

And then the new torture device is used!

Evil! Really bad!

Classic: Extreme Session 0
Classic: Extreme Session 1
Classic: Extreme Session 2
Classic: Extreme Session 3
Classic: Extreme Session 4
Classic: Extreme Session 5
Classic: Extreme Session 6

An extreme find in my archive!

It may not have been my first experience with a fucking machine ... but the most intense!

Metal bondage and for*ed orgasms in one really tough video! Non-stop action ....

Wax on the cunt 0
Wax on the cunt 1
Wax on the cunt 2
Wax on the cunt 3
Wax on the cunt 4
Wax on the cunt 5
Wax on the cunt 6

This time again a fulfilled wish of a fan:

First, Yvette is fixed naked in the hollow back on the table top. Additionally attached to the ceiling with ropes.

Then he picks up the candles and pours hot wax over her naked pussy. It runs directly over the clitoris, labia and into the cunt.

At the end of this hard session he hits the dry wax off her pussy with a whip!

Pleasure and pain 0
Pleasure and pain 1
Pleasure and pain 2
Pleasure and pain 3
Pleasure and pain 4
Pleasure and pain 5
Pleasure and pain 6

I won't forget this session anytime soon! Extreme stress on my pussy! I am hung naked on the crane and set on a sybian. After my pussy really glowed, I was pulled up and lowered with my entire body weight on a narrow wooden stand! The feelings that went through my pussy is almost indescribable! Then the same procedure back to the Sybian! Hard! Really tough!

Hard tied session 0
Hard tied session 1
Hard tied session 2
Hard tied session 3
Hard tied session 4
Hard tied session 5
Hard tied session 6

A really hard session for Yvette. Tight bondage of long duration!

Painfully overstretched 0
Painfully overstretched 1
Painfully overstretched 2
Painfully overstretched 3
Painfully overstretched 4
Painfully overstretched 5
Painfully overstretched 6

One of my really hardest sessions! Extremely overstretched in the hollow cross. Hands and feet fixed with chains. And then also a gag in the mouth and a speculum in the pussy. Later even the big dildo rod! Really hard!

bad bad candlebondage

21:35 minutesBDSM
bad bad candlebondage 0
bad bad candlebondage 1
bad bad candlebondage 2
bad bad candlebondage 3
bad bad candlebondage 4
bad bad candlebondage 5
bad bad candlebondage 6

Yvette is completely naked on a crate. The hands and feet are tied up. In the pussy the hook is introduced and also pulled up. The same happens with the gag that she carries in her mouth. Absolutely uncomfortable and defenseless she is now there .... Then burning candles are put into the ropes over her and the wax drips permanently down on her .... and meets her ass and the cunt!

Ropes and pumps 2

16:23 minutesBDSM
Ropes and pumps  2 0
Ropes and pumps  2 1
Ropes and pumps  2 2
Ropes and pumps  2 3
Ropes and pumps  2 4
Ropes and pumps  2 5
Ropes and pumps  2 6

Live on the BOFEWO, right on the beach. Spontaneous in front of the audience .... A bondage with ropes and wooden boards .... And then lots of pumps on the naked body ....2 parts, uncut

Ropes and pumps 1

15:34 minutesBDSM
Ropes and pumps  1 0
Ropes and pumps  1 1
Ropes and pumps  1 2
Ropes and pumps  1 3
Ropes and pumps  1 4
Ropes and pumps  1 5
Ropes and pumps  1 6

Live on the BOFEWO, right on the beach. Spontaneous in front of the audience .... A bondage with ropes and wooden boards .... And then lots of pumps on the naked body ....2 parts, uncut