User Bondage

2017-08-15 8:11 minutes Bondage
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Of course, it's still like this: On my BDSM-Days, my fans and visitors are always welcome to try and run a bondage on me. No matter whether professional or beginners. Check out yourself and come over!

spanked by an user

2017-05-23 Yvette Xtreme 20:42 minutes Spanking
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For the first time now one of my fans could spank my ass! On my BDSM-Day he has tied me naked with belts and with my bare hands my ass fiercely spanked!

Hogtie by the user

2017-02-11 Yvette Xtreme 22:32 minutes Bondage
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On my BDSM-Day was also a fan present who would like to try a Hogtie myself! He has, of course, the time and a "stage" get this to do with me. The result was quite respectable ....

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