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2019-03-06 NaKed and Yvette Xtreme 82:26 minutes BDSM, Lesbian, Nudist
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And again one of my fans took the trouble to write a screenplay. He came up with a story for a dominatrix and a slave. It may not be the very extreme session you're used to from Yvette Xtreme ..... but my website is interactive and everyone is allowed to do his script with me and realize his own fantasies !!! This fan was also live on set as a director present!

User Bondage

2017-08-15 8:11 minutes Bondage
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Of course, it's still like this: On my BDSM-Days, my fans and visitors are always welcome to try and run a bondage on me. No matter whether professional or beginners. Check out yourself and come over!

spanked by an user

2017-05-23 Yvette Xtreme 20:42 minutes Spanking
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For the first time now one of my fans could spank my ass! On my BDSM-Day he has tied me naked with belts and with my bare hands my ass fiercely spanked!

Hogtie by the user

2017-02-11 Yvette Xtreme 22:32 minutes Bondage
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On my BDSM-Day was also a fan present who would like to try a Hogtie myself! He has, of course, the time and a "stage" get this to do with me. The result was quite respectable ....

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