Classics:  Metal Bondage and Fucking Machines 1
Classics:  Metal Bondage and Fucking Machines 2
Classics:  Metal Bondage and Fucking Machines 3
Classics:  Metal Bondage and Fucking Machines 4

Today a real classic again.

In the torture cellar, the naked Yvette experiences a really nasty metal bondage.

Orgasm games with fucking machines in one ultra long session!


Suspension and fucking machine 0
Suspension and fucking machine 1
Suspension and fucking machine 2
Suspension and fucking machine 3
Suspension and fucking machine 4

A nice suspension.

Clambs and cords on nipples and labia ....

A ballgag, an anal plug and then the fucking machine ...

Live from BDSM Day!

double penetration - fucking machine 0
double penetration - fucking machine 1
double penetration - fucking machine 2

My new fucking machine is being tested!

Fixed in Doggystyle I get the same double penetration .... Anal and vaginal ..... faster and faster .....

Fucking machine power 0
Fucking machine power 1
Fucking machine power 2
Fucking machine power 3
Fucking machine power 4

Yvette lies on an old wooden bench. She is fixed in a steel structure. So she has to endure a nonstop treatment by a fucking machine.

CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 0
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 1
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 2
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 3
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 4

Again a cool clip from my archive....
A session in tight latex outfit, fixed for a fucking machine ....