Painful in the gyn chair 0
Painful in the gyn chair 1
Painful in the gyn chair 2

The pussy is opened wide with cable ties. Then it is bracketed. Likewise the tits! These are then torn off the labia with the help of the crane! Painful? YES!

Prepared for a fan 0
Prepared for a fan 1
Prepared for a fan 2
Prepared for a fan 3
Prepared for a fan 4

I should get a visit from a fan in the studio! He was allowed to lick me, use and fuck! However, no one is allowed to recognize his identity! Not even myself. So I got an opaque mask all the time! You too can not recognize him. Therefore, this video mainly shows the preparation of how I was prepared by my rigger for my fan in the gyn chair!


Yvette Costeau1:53 minutesBDSM
BDSM Day 0
BDSM Day 1
BDSM Day 2
BDSM Day 3
BDSM Day 4

For the first time we did not filmed on a BDSM-Day. The event was dominated by the photographers.

However, one of our guests has filmed a few scenes with the mobile phone - and I would not want to withhold these clips!