Chair and Belts 1
Chair and Belts 2
Chair and Belts 3
Chair and Belts 4
Chair and Belts 5
Chair and Belts 6

A really tight and exhausting bondage with belts on the wooden chair. That really cost me a lot of strength!

But for that I was rewarded with an orgasm!


Belts and Orgasms 0
Belts and Orgasms 1
Belts and Orgasms 2
Belts and Orgasms 3
Belts and Orgasms 4
Belts and Orgasms 5
Belts and Orgasms 6

The new bondage chair in my studio is being used! With belts I am fixated absolutely tightly on it. Heavy weights are attached to my pussy ... And finally the Magic Wand on the clit so that it generates multiple orgasms! I can already tell you one thing: It's getting loud!

Belt Hogtie

Yvette Costeau17:32 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Nudist
Belt Hogtie 0
Belt Hogtie 1
Belt Hogtie 2
Belt Hogtie 3
Belt Hogtie 4
Belt Hogtie 5
Belt Hogtie 6

Live at BDSM Day.

The naked Yvette and a hogtie with belts!

Belt Double

Melrane and Yvette Costeau17:10 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Nudist
Belt Double 0
Belt Double 1
Belt Double 2
Belt Double 3
Belt Double 4
Belt Double 5
Belt Double 6

After many hours of unpublished video material on Christmas now back to the BDSM!

Melrane and Yvette in a bondage with belts. Fixed to play with the pussies!

Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 0
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 1
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 2
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 3
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 4
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 5
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  2/2 6

Yvette Xtreme and Kyria ... together naked in a belt bondage incl. Suspension.

2 parts....

Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 0
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 1
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 2
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 3
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 4
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 5
Girl-Girl Belt-Experience  1/2 6

Yvette Xtreme and Kyria ... together naked in a belt bondage incl. Suspension.

2 parts....

Hard tied with belts 0
Hard tied with belts 1
Hard tied with belts 2
Hard tied with belts 3
Hard tied with belts 4
Hard tied with belts 5
Hard tied with belts 6

Yvette in full body nylon. Only the tits and the pussy are free.

It is extremely hard fixed with belts and played ...!

double hogtie

24:46 minutesBondage
double hogtie 0
double hogtie 1
double hogtie 2
double hogtie 3
double hogtie 4
double hogtie 5
double hogtie 6

Two Hogtie-Bondages in absolute succession!
First with ropes and directly afterwards again with belts. The latter are fixed to my neck.
Breath reduction and hogtie at a BDSM fair right in the eyes of the audience ....