Speed Bondage - Hogtie 0
Speed Bondage - Hogtie 1
Speed Bondage - Hogtie 2

At my last BDSM day there was a photographer present who urgently had to go to the station at the end. However, in order to be able to present this hogtie to him, we have accelerated the execution a bit this time. Still - a blatant, tight hogtie for the naked Yvette!

Hook and Tights 0
Hook and Tights 1
Hook and Tights 2

Naked on the wooden chair .... A gag in the mouth ... A pair of tights over the head ....

This is attached to a hook that is in my pussy.

Bondage, SM and penetration ....

Yvette live at BDSM Day! By the way, you can now see all the dates on www.bdsm-day.com

Have fun!

Suspension and fucking machine 0
Suspension and fucking machine 1
Suspension and fucking machine 2
Suspension and fucking machine 3
Suspension and fucking machine 4

A nice suspension.

Clambs and cords on nipples and labia ....

A ballgag, an anal plug and then the fucking machine ...

Live from BDSM Day!

Yvette Xtreme

Yvette Xtreme41:04 minutesBDSM, Erotic Nude
Yvette Xtreme 0
Yvette Xtreme 1
Yvette Xtreme 2
Yvette Xtreme 3
Yvette Xtreme 4

Yvette Xtreme, my name, my motto!

There is proof in this clip! 40 minutes, nonstop I was in the pillory! Squat for 40 minutes! A predicament position .... Naked, the hard iron on the neck! In the mouth the gag ... I unfortunately terrible! A blatant wish of one of my fans! Hereby fulfilled!