Pussy Caning 1
Pussy Caning 2

Today's really tight bondage only serves one purpose!

The pussy is chastised! The naked Yvette is gagged and with a plug in her ass on the box. Her bottom stretched out far. Her pussy can be worked on so properly without her being able to defend herself against it. So there are clips in the lips. Your cunt is opened wide. The clit is pumped up thick and in the plum she gets a hook. The Magic Wand is a must!

Her ass is then spanked with the paddle ....

That makes she HAPPY!

on only one knee 1
on only one knee 2

After the porn update from the other day, now YVETTE XTREME again!

And this is really an extreme video clip! Painful, tight and really hard to take! My whole weight is practically on one knee ...

Then I'll also hit the flogger ... I was glad when it was over!

Spanish Hogtie 0
Spanish Hogtie 1
Spanish Hogtie 2
Spanish Hogtie 3
Spanish Hogtie 4

A very, very tight hogtie in the hot Spanish sun. In the middle of the terrace. An incredibly tough challenge!

Doggystyle Bondage 0
Doggystyle Bondage 1
Doggystyle Bondage 2

Doggystyle bondage over a wooden goat! The arms to the chickenwing, fixed to the neck ... The hook and mouth gagged in the pussy!

Nailed on

Yvette Costeau28:04 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
Nailed on 0
Nailed on 1
Nailed on 2
Nailed on 3
Nailed on 4

Naked on the wooden table. The hands fixed on the back. The toes laced together. A gag in the mouth which is nailed to my fixation rod with cords. Inconvenient, evil, extreme, ..., Yvette!

public car bondage 0
public car bondage 1
public car bondage 2

Today I'm trying something new!

Completely naked, I let myself be tied up to a hogtie on the roadside. In the mouth I get a gag and bad mouse traps on the nipples. And then the journey starts! Naked in the back of the car, in a hogtie. To a parking lot. The car will then be parked there with me!

More of that?

Speed Bondage - Hogtie 0
Speed Bondage - Hogtie 1
Speed Bondage - Hogtie 2

At my last BDSM day there was a photographer present who urgently had to go to the station at the end. However, in order to be able to present this hogtie to him, we have accelerated the execution a bit this time. Still - a blatant, tight hogtie for the naked Yvette!

Hanging with gag 0
Hanging with gag 1
Hanging with gag 2

An exhausting session ... Yvette only on her knees with the gag in her mouth.

As a special user request: red gymnastic slippers

Hook and Tights 0
Hook and Tights 1
Hook and Tights 2

Naked on the wooden chair .... A gag in the mouth ... A pair of tights over the head ....

This is attached to a hook that is in my pussy.

Bondage, SM and penetration ....

Yvette live at BDSM Day! By the way, you can now see all the dates on www.bdsm-day.com

Have fun!

Suspension and fucking machine 0
Suspension and fucking machine 1
Suspension and fucking machine 2
Suspension and fucking machine 3
Suspension and fucking machine 4

A nice suspension.

Clambs and cords on nipples and labia ....

A ballgag, an anal plug and then the fucking machine ...

Live from BDSM Day!