Foil and tube

Yvette Costeau25:19 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Foil and tube 0
Foil and tube 1
Foil and tube 2

I am tied up naked on a stool. The ropes are really uncomfortably hard! Then a noose is tied around my neck and a brick is hung from it as a weight. Nipples and labia are also covered with bricks. Then my head is wrapped with cling film and I get a thin tube in my mouth to breathe ...

Heavy things

Yvette Costeau24:09 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Milf
Heavy things 0
Heavy things 1
Heavy things 2
Heavy things 3
Heavy things 4

Yvette and the MILF, enchantingly naked girls .... Uncomfortably fixed on the bed. But the evil still comes: A rope directly through the pussy and over the clit. And that's where heavy bricks are hung. Only then do you take care of the nipples ...

Hard session live from BDSM Day!


Yvette Costeau25:48 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Milf
Bedframe 0
Bedframe 1
Bedframe 2
Bedframe 3
Bedframe 4

A bed frame made of metal. The mattress was removed. Naked, Yvette lies on the hard frame. With cable ties she is fixed on it. No millimeter of movement radius anymore. It hurts .... And then weights come to the nipples and pussy ..... What else happens? How long can she stand it ?! Do you have to see!

Live: cable ties and weights 0
Live: cable ties and weights 1
Live: cable ties and weights 2
Live: cable ties and weights 3
Live: cable ties and weights 4

A session live in front of an audience! Tight cable ties on bare skin ... plus weights on tits and the pussy!

BoFeWo, this weekend?! 0
BoFeWo, this weekend?! 1
BoFeWo, this weekend?! 2
BoFeWo, this weekend?! 3
BoFeWo, this weekend?! 4

Will you visit me at the weekend on the BoFeWo? Would be very happy! Do you remember the last year? A BDSM session in the middle between the audience and the audience ?! You did not see how the nipples and the labia directly in public were heavily hanged? Then check out this clip! Live from the BoFeWo 2016 .....