Bad Ties

Yvette Costeau29:15 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
Bad Ties 0
Bad Ties 1
Bad Ties 2
Bad Ties 3
Bad Ties 4
Bad Ties 5
Bad Ties 6

Tight cable tie bondage in chicken wing style and hard pussy action.

on only one knee 0
on only one knee 1
on only one knee 2
on only one knee 3
on only one knee 4
on only one knee 5
on only one knee 6

After the porn update from the other day, now YVETTE XTREME again!

And this is really an extreme video clip! Painful, tight and really hard to take! My whole weight is practically on one knee ...

Then I'll also hit the flogger ... I was glad when it was over!

Spanish Hogtie 0
Spanish Hogtie 1
Spanish Hogtie 2
Spanish Hogtie 3
Spanish Hogtie 4
Spanish Hogtie 5
Spanish Hogtie 6

A very, very tight hogtie in the hot Spanish sun. In the middle of the terrace. An incredibly tough challenge!

xtreme hogtie 0
xtreme hogtie 1
xtreme hogtie 2
xtreme hogtie 3
xtreme hogtie 4
xtreme hogtie 5
xtreme hogtie 6

An absolutely extreme hogtie! Hard, tight and endlessly long!

Yvette goes to her absolute limit! Nearly 40 minutes of nonstop action!

Hard tied session 0
Hard tied session 1
Hard tied session 2
Hard tied session 3
Hard tied session 4
Hard tied session 5
Hard tied session 6

A really hard session for Yvette. Tight bondage of long duration!

Painfully overstretched 0
Painfully overstretched 1
Painfully overstretched 2
Painfully overstretched 3
Painfully overstretched 4
Painfully overstretched 5
Painfully overstretched 6

One of my really hardest sessions! Extremely overstretched in the hollow cross. Hands and feet fixed with chains. And then also a gag in the mouth and a speculum in the pussy. Later even the big dildo rod! Really hard!


Yvette Costeau1:53 minutesBDSM
BDSM Day 0
BDSM Day 1
BDSM Day 2
BDSM Day 3
BDSM Day 4
BDSM Day 5
BDSM Day 6

For the first time we did not filmed on a BDSM-Day. The event was dominated by the photographers.

However, one of our guests has filmed a few scenes with the mobile phone - and I would not want to withhold these clips!

Hard tied with belts 0
Hard tied with belts 1
Hard tied with belts 2
Hard tied with belts 3
Hard tied with belts 4
Hard tied with belts 5
Hard tied with belts 6

Yvette in full body nylon. Only the tits and the pussy are free.

It is extremely hard fixed with belts and played ...!

Hard tied and candles

Yvette Costeau16:57 minutesBDSM
Hard tied and candles 0
Hard tied and candles 1
Hard tied and candles 2
Hard tied and candles 3
Hard tied and candles 4
Hard tied and candles 5
Hard tied and candles 6

An extremely strict fixation on the board ... Total motionless Yvette endures the dripping candles on her naked body!