Belt Ball Tie

Yvette Costeau30:59 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Nudist
Belt Ball Tie 0
Belt Ball Tie 1
Belt Ball Tie 2
Belt Ball Tie 3
Belt Ball Tie 4

A ball tie performed with belts ...

In addition, fixed fingers and nipples with cable ties ... and a clamped-on pussy.

Cable ties really tight 0
Cable ties really tight 1
Cable ties really tight 2

Another live session on BDSM Day.

Today again with cable ties. The things cut tightly and painfully into the bare skin!

cable tie and chair 0
cable tie and chair 1
cable tie and chair 2
cable tie and chair 3
cable tie and chair 4

A bitter session with really tight cable ties on an uncomfortable wooden chair. Live in the studio for our BDSM Day ...

Tights and Ties 0
Tights and Ties 1
Tights and Ties 2

Yvette is wearing tights again ... So she is fixed with a cable tie to a crucifix!


Cable tie session on BDSM Day 0
Cable tie session on BDSM Day 1
Cable tie session on BDSM Day 2
Cable tie session on BDSM Day 3
Cable tie session on BDSM Day 4

A really tight cable tie session with the naked Yvette. Demonstrated live on our BDSM Day!

cable ties hogtie 0
cable ties hogtie 1
cable ties hogtie 2

A hogtie, outdoor in the sun! Of course naked ...

But this time with tight cable ties ....

Gas mask and cable ties 0
Gas mask and cable ties 1
Gas mask and cable ties 2

A game with the breath!

Yvette naked in the chair. Fixed with tight cable ties .... and a gas mask over your head!

cabletie action 0
cabletie action 1
cabletie action 2
cabletie action 3
cabletie action 4

Another hard session with lots of cable ties! Very very tight and absolutely uncomfortable!

A longer session - naked and hard! As I like it


Cableties and balletboots 0
Cableties and balletboots 1
Cableties and balletboots 2

Strappado bondage .... Many many cable ties fix my naked body! I also wear extreme ballet bots that make standing up impossible!

Green tights and cable ties 0
Green tights and cable ties 1
Green tights and cable ties 2

One of my new Multicam clips! Hard tie bondage in poison green tights!

Fetish at its finest, live from BDSM Day!