Ass full of wax

2017-09-22 Yvette Xtreme 23:18 minutes BDSM
Ass full of wax 0
Ass full of wax 1
Ass full of wax 2

Yvette, of course naked ... Tied on the board. With ropes the arms and legs are laced upwards. A kind of hogtie .... In the ropes are two candles, which drip nonstop on their ass ...

Bound for Fist

2017-04-22 Yvette Xtreme 20:10 minutes BDSM
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Bound for Fist 1
Bound for Fist 2
Bound for Fist 3
Bound for Fist 4

The sweet blonde 18 year old Tatjana takes place in my gynchair. Of course, she is completely naked. With ropes and a wooden rod she is extremely fixed. The eyes are connected .... Then she gets from me hot candle wax and I fisted her tight teeny-pussy.

bad bad candlebondage

2017-01-18 21:35 minutes BDSM
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bad bad candlebondage 1
bad bad candlebondage 2
bad bad candlebondage 3
bad bad candlebondage 4

Yvette is completely naked on a crate. The hands and feet are tied up. In the pussy the hook is introduced and also pulled up. The same happens with the gag that she carries in her mouth. Absolutely uncomfortable and defenseless she is now there .... Then burning candles are put into the ropes over her and the wax drips permanently down on her .... and meets her ass and the cunt!