Strappado flight 1
Strappado flight 2
Strappado flight 3
Strappado flight 4
Strappado flight 5
Strappado flight 6

Yvette is tied with belts in a tight strappado. In addition, your thighs are tied up. As such a package she is pulled up by the crane, she gets an eye mask and your nipples and cunt are fitted with clamps.

clamps on the hook

Yvette Costeau12:20 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude2021
clamps on the hook 0
clamps on the hook 1
clamps on the hook 2
clamps on the hook 3
clamps on the hook 4
clamps on the hook 5
clamps on the hook 6

Stripped naked with belts ... Many clips are attached to the tits and pussy...

These are connected to a crane ... and then the crane goes up!

Bamboo bondage

Yvette Costeau28:44 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude2021
Bamboo bondage 0
Bamboo bondage 1
Bamboo bondage 2
Bamboo bondage 3
Bamboo bondage 4
Bamboo bondage 5
Bamboo bondage 6

This is really very, very uncomfortable for the hand, arm, foot and knee joints!

The naked Yvette and 4 bamboo poles. Hard bondage, also gagged and bitterly angry games with the pussy!

A "real" Yvette Xtreme clip!

Hung up twice 0
Hung up twice 1
Hung up twice 2
Hung up twice 3
Hung up twice 4
Hung up twice 5
Hung up twice 6

A really long session! That was really tough!

Just hang it upside down with a ball tie! And when I thought it was over then it starts for the second time!

That was exhausting - but it also looks extremely cool ... if I'm honest ;o)

Just above the ground 0
Just above the ground 1
Just above the ground 2
Just above the ground 3
Just above the ground 4
Just above the ground 5
Just above the ground 6

An excellent suspension!

Yvette hovers naked above the ground. Naturally ingeniously tied! The pussy is filled with a hook and with weights on it!

The special kick: With her bare toes she just does not reach the floor that would save her weight!

on cords

Yvette Costeau25:30 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
on cords 0
on cords 1
on cords 2
on cords 3
on cords 4
on cords 5
on cords 6

Yvette Xtreme! A session that really deserves this name!

Fixed in the lattice box, with the head clamped between two wooden slats, the nipples, labia and toes are clamped and pulled with ropes.

But also the ring toggle and another clip on the tongue. And this again pulled with a rope ...

The naked Yvette - Xtreme unable to move ...

TRAINING - the script of a fan 0
TRAINING - the script of a fan 1
TRAINING - the script of a fan 2
TRAINING - the script of a fan 3
TRAINING - the script of a fan 4
TRAINING - the script of a fan 5
TRAINING - the script of a fan 6

Once again a fan sent me a script!

For over an hour, the naked slave Yvette should complete several stations in which she should train herself with throating and braces and in her basic position! A task that I always enjoy doing!

Uncut Video - Over an Hour!

Bracket Predicament 0
Bracket Predicament 1
Bracket Predicament 2
Bracket Predicament 3
Bracket Predicament 4
Bracket Predicament 5
Bracket Predicament 6

Yvette fixed on the wooden board!
The tits full of clothespins. These are connected to her outstretched leg! How long does it take until she has to tear the clips off her body?

The yellow frame 0
The yellow frame 1
The yellow frame 2
The yellow frame 3
The yellow frame 4
The yellow frame 5
The yellow frame 6

In the new yellow frame. Uncomfortably fixed ...
Delivered naked to the gadgets. Live from BDSM Day!
This time with vacuum pumps on the nipples and the clit!

Wax, clamps, pain 0
Wax, clamps, pain 1
Wax, clamps, pain 2
Wax, clamps, pain 3
Wax, clamps, pain 4
Wax, clamps, pain 5
Wax, clamps, pain 6

Today there is a clip from my archive! This beautiful session was created during one of the first BDSM days! I love these games very much: an interplay of bondage, clips, wax and pain ... of course naked  ;o)