on only one knee 1
on only one knee 2

After the porn update from the other day, now YVETTE XTREME again!

And this is really an extreme video clip! Painful, tight and really hard to take! My whole weight is practically on one knee ...

Then I'll also hit the flogger ... I was glad when it was over!

CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 0
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 1
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 2
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 3
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 4

Again a cool clip from my archive....
A session in tight latex outfit, fixed for a fucking machine ....

one again a wish clip

20:22 minutes and 21 imagesBondage
one again a wish clip 0
one again a wish clip 1
one again a wish clip 2
one again a wish clip 3
one again a wish clip 4
Here the associated email:
Dear Yvette,
I like your website and the truly exotic variety, how someone could be tied. However I get the biggest visual "kick" when the woman is "reasonably" gagged , which sometimes comes a little too short.
I've considered often the last time, how I would see you , in fact in a so-called "Frogtie", so that the thigh / shinbone are fixed together OR tailor seat bondage ("Lotus Tie"). The outfit for it:
-barefoot, soles together.
I would like to see, if your mouth will be stuffed with a cloth / rag  and taped over with a lot of tape, so that your whole chin area looks like a "Hannibal Lecter mask".
Would that be possible?
Voila, here's the result!
By the way, currently it hooks a bit with new suggestions! What's going on? Are you run out of ideas? Or, have you become too lazy? Please contact me, no matter how extreme or exceptional it is. I try to implement what is feasible! Promised ...
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 0
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 1
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 2
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 3
Bonus Update - Lip Locker Gag Test with JJ Plush 4

JJ Plush brought a very hot new gag when she visited me. This gag is called Lip Locker gag and was developed by Lew Rubens. Actually, quite simply, there is a ball gag with two straps arranged so that two girls must share a ball. Of course, we immediately wanted to test whether the gag works, and how effective it is. The result was overwhelming. Unfortunately, this clip is only filmed by a secondary camera on a tripod. The shot from that position is not optimal. I just wanted you to see this experiment, therefore this clip is simply meant as a bonus update!