condom over my head 0
condom over my head 1
condom over my head 2

User request fulfilled!

I should wear latex clothes and pull a condom over my head and then inflate it!

Was my premiere for this fetish! How do you like it?

Latex hogtie

Yvette Xtreme14:57 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Latex hogtie 0
Latex hogtie 1
Latex hogtie 2

Yvette once not naked! ;o)

Instead, in a skin-tight latex catsuit. But the hogtie is even tighter than the latex!

CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 0
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 1
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 2
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 3
CLASSICS - latex and fuckingmachine 4

Again a cool clip from my archive....
A session in tight latex outfit, fixed for a fucking machine ....

CLASSIC: Latexgirls

24:00 minutesLatex
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 0
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 1
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 2
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 3
CLASSIC: Latexgirls 4

And now, in between, a film from my archive .... A film that I filmed about 12 years ago for Bloodangels. With the german fetishgirl Jill Diamnond !!!!

Strappado & Balltie in Rubber

32:48 minutes and 53 imagesBondage
Strappado & Balltie in Rubber 0
Strappado & Balltie in Rubber 1
Strappado & Balltie in Rubber 2
Strappado & Balltie in Rubber 3
Strappado & Balltie in Rubber 4

Another tight Bondage Experience in my favourite Rubber Outfit. It starts with a strappado and ends in a balltie...