Bamboo bondage

2019-02-22 Yvette Xtreme 21:31 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
Bamboo bondage 1
Bamboo bondage 2
Bamboo bondage 3
Bamboo bondage 4

A bondage live at a fair. This time with bamboo poles ...

Belt Suspension

2019-01-25 Yvette Xtreme 26:23 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Suspension
Belt Suspension 0
Belt Suspension 1
Belt Suspension 2
Belt Suspension 3
Belt Suspension 4

A suspension with belt. This time again during a BDSM-day, where live viewers and photographers are in my studio.

Christmas - Candles - Bondage

2018-12-14 Yvette Xtreme 16:33 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Nudist
Christmas - Candles - Bondage 0
Christmas - Candles - Bondage 1
Christmas - Candles - Bondage 2
Christmas - Candles - Bondage 3
Christmas - Candles - Bondage 4

It is Christmas time! Of course, today there is a bondage where I put burning candles in the pussy ....

Painfully overstretched

2018-10-29 Yvette Xtreme 18:00 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Hogtie
Painfully overstretched 0
Painfully overstretched 1
Painfully overstretched 2

One of my really hardest sessions! Extremely overstretched in the hollow cross. Hands and feet fixed with chains. And then also a gag in the mouth and a speculum in the pussy. Later even the big dildo rod! Really hard!

small package

2018-09-20 Yvette Xtreme 11:54 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Nudist
small package 0
small package 1
small package 2
small package 3
small package 4

In front of live audience, Yvette gets tied up in a small package. Of course naked and of course tight  ;o)

Hogtie with belts

2018-08-09 Yvette Xtreme 11:10 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Hogtie
Hogtie with belts 0
Hogtie with belts 1
Hogtie with belts 2
Hogtie with belts 3
Hogtie with belts 4

At the "Passion" in Hamburg, in front of an audience ...

Yvette in a hogtie through a belt bondage ....

By a script of a fan

2018-06-28 Yvette Xtreme 83:59 minutes BDSM, Domination, Spanking
By a script of a fan 0
By a script of a fan 1
By a script of a fan 2
By a script of a fan 3
By a script of a fan 4

My website is known to be interactive!

That means my fans can send me video requests that I like to fulfill ...

This time a fan has sent a complete script for a 90 minute movie! This is about the slave Yvette is to be given by your mistress Tatjana to a new mistress. The new mistress must now Yvette first try out and play really ....

The author of the script was also involved in the shoot in the studio as a director .... Do you like this movie well - then please tell me. Do you find it rather not good then send me your own script  ;o)

Painful strapad with cable ties

2018-04-04 Yvette Xtreme 24:52 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
Painful strapad with cable ties 0
Painful strapad with cable ties 1
Painful strapad with cable ties 2
Painful strapad with cable ties 3
Painful strapad with cable ties 4

tied in strapado only with cable ties and fixed to the crane. Enormously painful ....

In addition a spanking .... And Kyria in gyn chair ....

Bound for Shoot

2018-03-10 Yvette Xtreme 9:44 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Nudist
Bound for Shoot 0
Bound for Shoot 1
Bound for Shoot 2
Bound for Shoot 3
Bound for Shoot 4

This time I am "just tied up" to serve as a model for a photo shoot ......

Funny Escape

2018-01-29 Yvette Xtreme and Melrane 21:21 minutes Bondage, Nudist, Wrestling
Funny Escape 0
Funny Escape 1
Funny Escape 2
Funny Escape 3
Funny Escape 4

Again one of the popular escape competitions. Three rigger compete against three girls .... Who will make it this time and win the fight against the clock?!?!