cable ties hogtie 1
cable ties hogtie 2

A hogtie, outdoor in the sun! Of course naked ...

But this time with tight cable ties ....

Outdoor with straitjacket 0
Outdoor with straitjacket 1
Outdoor with straitjacket 2

Yvette is gagged and then the face is mummified. She is put on a straitjacket and is immobilized in a bondage frame. Then she experiences extreme treatment of her pussy up to several orgasms, which she has to endure almost unresponsive.

On the stake 0
On the stake 1
On the stake 2

Outdoor, naked .... tied to a peg and exposed to the sun!

Unpublished material 0
Unpublished material 1
Unpublished material 2

Because it's Christmas I'm giving my fans a little present; o)

There are also a lot of videos in my archive that I actually didn't want to publish. Some are flawed and I'm not really happy with some. Others don't really fit the topic on a BDSM website.

Today, however, I would like to present a few of them .... Except for competition, so to speak:

- "Bound in Spain" with Lena King, the sound track is broken

- "Fucked in 4K" a sex video in which we tested a 4K camera

- "Glue request" is a special user request where I should stick my mouth

- "Mow naked lawn" where the soundtrack is also defective

- "Yvette Wunsch September" is also a special wish of one of my fans who is not concerned with BDSM

in the neighbor's garden 0
in the neighbor's garden 1
in the neighbor's garden 2
in the neighbor's garden 3
in the neighbor's garden 4

My neighbor has a Hollywood swing in the backyard. Made of wood, with many beams. The perfect place for a horny, stark, stark naked bondage. Labia and nipples extremely tied! Magic Wand for the hard orgasm. And of course the hard lacing! Stupid only the neighbor wants to watch and the location for other people is totally visible .... Well - public bondage, does not matter?

escape in the heat

Yvette Xtreme16:39 minutesBondage
escape in the heat 0
escape in the heat 1
escape in the heat 2

Spain, full sunshine. Together with Lena King, I lie at 40 degrees C on a table top, right in the sun. Both of us will be tied up and of course we must free ourselves in connection .... bad action in the heat of the spanish summer!