Dark Elfe and Yvette Costeau27:14 minutesBDSM, Lesbian, Orgasms
Pussies 1
Pussies 2
Pussies 3
Pussies 4
Pussies 5
Pussies 6

Two sexy girls (Yvette Costeau and Dark Elfe) are tied up together.

After that, there is a painful connection between her nipples and labia.

And then the orgasm that goes with it. Can that go well?


Predicament on bricks 1
Predicament on bricks 2
Predicament on bricks 3
Predicament on bricks 4
Predicament on bricks 5
Predicament on bricks 6

Yvette is tied to the chest with blue ropes. Of course, the nasty clamps are also used, on which a weight is also hung! Then she has to balance her weight on tiptoe on a brick. Then she is pushed off the bricks and only hangs on the crane by her breasts. Really XTREME !!!

Chair and Brick 1
Chair and Brick 2
Chair and Brick 3
Chair and Brick 4
Chair and Brick 5
Chair and Brick 6

The naked Yvette, fixed on an wooden Bondage-chair. On the tits and the labia clamps that hang on a brick!

A really nasty, painful session at BDSM Day live in Studio Costeau!

Bad on the neck

23:36 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Milf
Bad on the neck 0
Bad on the neck 1
Bad on the neck 2
Bad on the neck 3
Bad on the neck 4
Bad on the neck 5
Bad on the neck 6

A really bad, bad predicament variant that makes breathing difficult ... or impossible!

Upside Down Predicament 0
Upside Down Predicament 1
Upside Down Predicament 2
Upside Down Predicament 3
Upside Down Predicament 4
Upside Down Predicament 5
Upside Down Predicament 6

Another nasty predicament session!

Yvette is hung upside down. In doing so, however, she has to support herself with her hands. Meanwhile, her pussy is being worked on with a dildo, rubber, vacuum pump and toothbrush. Plus candle wax on the thighs and pussy ...

How long can she take it?


Yvette xxxtreme

Yvette Costeau15:08 minutesBondage
Yvette xxxtreme 0
Yvette xxxtreme 1
Yvette xxxtreme 2
Yvette xxxtreme 3
Yvette xxxtreme 4
Yvette xxxtreme 5
Yvette xxxtreme 6

Yvette is sitting naked on a trestle. The bar digs deep into her pussy. It's incredibly uncomfortable!

So that she cannot shift her weight, she is also in a cast iron pillory. Even with her bare feet, she cannot create relaxation!

A nasty predicament session!

Supertight Session 0
Supertight Session 1
Supertight Session 2
Supertight Session 3
Supertight Session 4
Supertight Session 5
Supertight Session 6

A super tight session!
Kneeling on the table, naked! Hands fixed on the back, tits tied off! Everything very tight with thin ropes...
The head wide in the neck, the eyes tied up...a rope tight at the neck.....and then there is the hook in the cunt, which pulls the head back!
Hang in there Yvette!!! It becomes strenuous!

Bracket Predicament 0
Bracket Predicament 1
Bracket Predicament 2
Bracket Predicament 3
Bracket Predicament 4
Bracket Predicament 5
Bracket Predicament 6

Yvette fixed on the wooden board!
The tits full of clothespins. These are connected to her outstretched leg! How long does it take until she has to tear the clips off her body?

The Pussy Connection 0
The Pussy Connection 1
The Pussy Connection 2
The Pussy Connection 3
The Pussy Connection 4
The Pussy Connection 5
The Pussy Connection 6

A little experiment with two naked girls. I call it a pussy connection. I did not think that this bondage would give so many opportunities to play!

Predicament with the tub 2/2 0
Predicament with the tub 2/2 1
Predicament with the tub 2/2 2
Predicament with the tub 2/2 3
Predicament with the tub 2/2 4
Predicament with the tub 2/2 5
Predicament with the tub 2/2 6

Live performed on BDSM day in front of spectators:

A predicament bondage with cable ties. Really hard! What has an old tub to do with it?

2 parts, uncut!