on cords

Yvette Costeau25:30 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
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Yvette Xtreme! A session that really deserves this name!

Fixed in the lattice box, with the head clamped between two wooden slats, the nipples, labia and toes are clamped and pulled with ropes.

But also the ring toggle and another clip on the tongue. And this again pulled with a rope ...

The naked Yvette - Xtreme unable to move ...

predicament to pee -  incl. BoFeWo-SingleMalt-Code 0
predicament to pee -  incl. BoFeWo-SingleMalt-Code 1
predicament to pee -  incl. BoFeWo-SingleMalt-Code 2

A forehead: This clip contains the BoFeWo SingleMalt code. Today starts the BoFeWo in Hofheim ... Come visit me over the weekend and call me the SingleMalt code .... and you get one of the finest "single malt" from me:

To the video: Strongly hard Predicament-Suspension to piss into a bucket clinging to the labia. Look at how extreme my legs tremble!

BoFeWo, this weekend?! 0
BoFeWo, this weekend?! 1
BoFeWo, this weekend?! 2
BoFeWo, this weekend?! 3
BoFeWo, this weekend?! 4

Will you visit me at the weekend on the BoFeWo? Would be very happy! Do you remember the last year? A BDSM session in the middle between the audience and the audience ?! You did not see how the nipples and the labia directly in public were heavily hanged? Then check out this clip! Live from the BoFeWo 2016 .....