cable ties hogtie 1
cable ties hogtie 2

A hogtie, outdoor in the sun! Of course naked ...

But this time with tight cable ties ....

escape in the heat

Yvette Xtreme16:39 minutesBondage
escape in the heat 0
escape in the heat 1
escape in the heat 2

Spain, full sunshine. Together with Lena King, I lie at 40 degrees C on a table top, right in the sun. Both of us will be tied up and of course we must free ourselves in connection .... bad action in the heat of the spanish summer!

Outdoor Torturewalk

Yvette Xtreme8:01 minutesBDSM
Outdoor Torturewalk 0
Outdoor Torturewalk 1
Outdoor Torturewalk 2
Outdoor Torturewalk 3
Outdoor Torturewalk 4

As promised, there is today again one of my classic clips. In a tight bondage, barely able to move me, I had to walk in Spain naked and barefoot! Everywhere stairs, steps and pointed stones! In addition the heat of the sun .... A very bad thing!
But Yvette Xtreme does it; o)