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2017-05-23 Yvette Xtreme 20:42 minutes Spanking
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For the first time now one of my fans could spank my ass! On my BDSM-Day he has tied me naked with belts and with my bare hands my ass fiercely spanked!

Christmas Spanking

2016-12-24 27:44 minutes BDSM
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Merry Christmas! This time quite v.......y and hard! Of course, a rod is being bobbed .... and this is extremely extreme!
I have to kneel on a cage. The cunt stretched far out. I'm fixed with ropes and get two burning Kezen put in the pussy. These are starting to drip .... exactly on the naked girl that must be tied under me! Then I will be beaten with tannenzweigen really hard and must even bear candle wax .... What a Christmas BDSM video !!!

with the "carpet beater"

2016-09-23 10:25 minutes Spanking
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Naked I stand in my torture chamber. The hands fixed on the ceiling. The legs spread. A rope swaged by my pussy ....
And then the guy comes with a carpet beater and spanks me with it ....