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I received positive feedback on my Strapado sex video the other day!

I think that's a good reason to go into the second round ?!

Have fun watching! I already had my pleasure in the execution!

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Today's really tight bondage only serves one purpose!

The pussy is chastised! The naked Yvette is gagged and with a plug in her ass on the box. Her bottom stretched out far. Her pussy can be worked on so properly without her being able to defend herself against it. So there are clips in the lips. Your cunt is opened wide. The clit is pumped up thick and in the plum she gets a hook. The Magic Wand is a must!

Her ass is then spanked with the paddle ....

That makes she HAPPY!

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After the porn update from the other day, now YVETTE XTREME again!

And this is really an extreme video clip! Painful, tight and really hard to take! My whole weight is practically on one knee ...

Then I'll also hit the flogger ... I was glad when it was over!

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Strapado fixation of the naked Yvette! The nipples are tied to the floor with clamps. Thin cords are pulled through the pussy! Tight! They go deep inside her pussy! Absolutely defenseless and motionless, she just has to endure how her ass is spanked!


Dark Elfe and Yvette Costeau30:49 minutesBlonde, Lesbian, Orgy
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After some really tough sessions, there is something softer again today! Scenes that happened almost "by the way" during my BDSM day. My sexy blonde sweet naked TeenyMaus Dark Elfe and I play around with the crane and the flogger! Relaxed, the scene gets its own highly erotic dynamic!

You have to see!

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Predicament with the tub 2/2 6

Live performed on BDSM day in front of spectators:

A predicament bondage with cable ties. Really hard! What has an old tub to do with it?

2 parts, uncut!

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And again one of my fans took the trouble to write a screenplay. He came up with a story for a dominatrix and a slave. It may not be the very extreme session you're used to from Yvette Xtreme ..... but my website is interactive and everyone is allowed to do his script with me and realize his own fantasies !!! This fan was also live on set as a director present!

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For the first time now one of my fans could spank my ass! On my BDSM-Day he has tied me naked with belts and with my bare hands my ass fiercely spanked!

Christmas Fisting

19:47 minutesBDSM
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At Christmas naked on the gyn chair!
The legs tied backwards and fixed with a bar.
Ring gag in mouth and eyes connected ....
In the pussy a speculum. Then the whole ass is spanked with full power. Suitable for Christmas with a rod! Finally, the speculum is removed and one fists me mercilessly to orgasm!

chinese bondage

11:13 minutesBondage
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A user has asked for a "chinese bondage". He has sent me exact instructions and a sample video.
Yvette Xtreme, of course, likes to do exactly this wish; o)
The madman: The Rigger has also taken advantage of the situation and performed an evil spanking session on me ....