Predicament on bricks 1
Predicament on bricks 2
Predicament on bricks 3
Predicament on bricks 4
Predicament on bricks 5
Predicament on bricks 6

Yvette is tied to the chest with blue ropes. Of course, the nasty clamps are also used, on which a weight is also hung! Then she has to balance her weight on tiptoe on a brick. Then she is pushed off the bricks and only hangs on the crane by her breasts. Really XTREME !!!

Outdoor Torturewalk

Yvette Costeau8:01 minutesBDSM
Outdoor Torturewalk 0
Outdoor Torturewalk 1
Outdoor Torturewalk 2
Outdoor Torturewalk 3
Outdoor Torturewalk 4
Outdoor Torturewalk 5
Outdoor Torturewalk 6

As promised, there is today again one of my classic clips. In a tight bondage, barely able to move me, I had to walk in Spain naked and barefoot! Everywhere stairs, steps and pointed stones! In addition the heat of the sun .... A very bad thing!
But Yvette Xtreme does it; o)