Strapado Spanking/Fucking 1
Strapado Spanking/Fucking 2
Strapado Spanking/Fucking 3
Strapado Spanking/Fucking 4

I received positive feedback on my Strapado sex video the other day!

I think that's a good reason to go into the second round ?!

Have fun watching! I already had my pleasure in the execution!

Hard Tied Suspension 0
Hard Tied Suspension 1
Hard Tied Suspension 2

Almost naked, fixed with jeans chaps in an uncomfortable strapado. The legs are bent so that the entire weight lies on a block with the pussy! An extreme session! Yvette is gagged and tied with tape. The eyes are also wallpapered. A weight is also hung around the neck! The hook also goes into the pussy!

It can hardly get any harder!

Incision with spanking 0
Incision with spanking 1
Incision with spanking 2

Strapado fixation of the naked Yvette! The nipples are tied to the floor with clamps. Thin cords are pulled through the pussy! Tight! They go deep inside her pussy! Absolutely defenseless and motionless, she just has to endure how her ass is spanked!

Strapado and Titts 0
Strapado and Titts 1
Strapado and Titts 2

A painful strapado with the thin ropes. The elbows are tightly tied together! In addition, the tits are tied and the cunt hung with the huge weights ... The naked Yvette has to suffer a lot!
A live session from BDSM Day!

until exhaustion 0
until exhaustion 1
until exhaustion 2
until exhaustion 3
until exhaustion 4

Back in the own studio!

A really, really tough session during a BDSM Day*

A strapado ... mummified with foil and tape ... I can only breathe through a tube ...

Yvette life in action!


* At the BDSM Day you can be there live in the studio! All information by email!

Strapado for Fuck 0
Strapado for Fuck 1
Strapado for Fuck 2
Strapado for Fuck 3
Strapado for Fuck 4

Today I fulfill a fan wish again!

I should be fixated naked in a strapado to have the perfect sex afterwards!

The fan who sent me the request was live in the studio.

Just write me your idea !!!

Painful strapad with cable ties 0
Painful strapad with cable ties 1
Painful strapad with cable ties 2
Painful strapad with cable ties 3
Painful strapad with cable ties 4

tied in strapado only with cable ties and fixed to the crane. Enormously painful ....

In addition a spanking .... And Kyria in gyn chair ....