Crossover Bondage 1
Crossover Bondage 2
Crossover Bondage 3
Crossover Bondage 4
Crossover Bondage 5
Crossover Bondage 6

Something completely new, a crossover. Rope bondage meets belt bondage. Melrane and Yvette are tied up in parallel with ropes or belts. Melrane on the bondage board and Yvette on the wooden box. Yvette is then pulled up by the crane and positioned over Melrane. Of course, brackets shouldn't be missing either. The whole thing was seen live on BDSM Day.

Strappado flight 1
Strappado flight 2
Strappado flight 3
Strappado flight 4
Strappado flight 5
Strappado flight 6

Yvette is tied with belts in a tight strappado. In addition, your thighs are tied up. As such a package she is pulled up by the crane, she gets an eye mask and your nipples and cunt are fitted with clamps.

Yvette's archive - a photo album 0
Yvette's archive - a photo album 1
Yvette's archive - a photo album 2
Yvette's archive - a photo album 3
Yvette's archive - a photo album 4
Yvette's archive - a photo album 5
Yvette's archive - a photo album 6

Today I am opening my archive for you!

Who still remembers my "old" studio ?! Back then at Dinkelsbühl. Many were already there for BDSM Day.

Here are a few photos from that time! Have fun watching it.....

Painful suspension 0
Painful suspension 1
Painful suspension 2
Painful suspension 3
Painful suspension 4
Painful suspension 5
Painful suspension 6

Spontaneous bondage! Freestyle suspension with the naked Yvette Costeau ....

The session was probably very painful! There is also a vacuum pump on the clitoris ...

The flying orgasm chair 0
The flying orgasm chair 1
The flying orgasm chair 2
The flying orgasm chair 3
The flying orgasm chair 4
The flying orgasm chair 5
The flying orgasm chair 6

Yvette is fixed on a wooden chair on which a Magic Wand has been mounted.

While she cannot escape her orgasms, the chair is also pulled up completely with the crane.

Spread Session 0
Spread Session 1
Spread Session 2
Spread Session 3
Spread Session 4
Spread Session 5
Spread Session 6

I finally had a photographer in the studio again.

His wish was a suspension with spred legs.

Well, I'm happy to fulfill that! ;o)

Suspension for Fucking 0
Suspension for Fucking 1
Suspension for Fucking 2
Suspension for Fucking 3
Suspension for Fucking 4
Suspension for Fucking 5
Suspension for Fucking 6

That was a great photo shoot in my studio!

My rigger fixes me in a wonderful suspension so that I can give him a blowjob.

And this bondage is also great for fucking!

We have our fun and the photographer does his job!

Nice.... Right?

Wide Open

Yvette Costeau31:47 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Orgasms
Wide Open 0
Wide Open 1
Wide Open 2
Wide Open 3
Wide Open 4
Wide Open 5
Wide Open 6

Yvette is tied up in the yellow scaffolding once more. It is even hung in it.

Then a pussy spreader is attached and the nipples are sucked in with vacuum pumps.

The thick blue labia are then tortured with wooden needles ...

And then the clit is also played ...

Orgasm bondage for Yvette Costeau !!!

Public suspension and lesbian playing 0
Public suspension and lesbian playing 1
Public suspension and lesbian playing 2
Public suspension and lesbian playing 3
Public suspension and lesbian playing 4
Public suspension and lesbian playing 5
Public suspension and lesbian playing 6

At the request of some of my fans, finally a so-called trade fair video again!

The naked Yvette in an ingenious suspension in public in front of a live audience!

The lesbian girl with the red hair from the audience wants to play with Yvette too!

The Swing  part 2 0
The Swing  part 2 1
The Swing  part 2 2
The Swing  part 2 3
The Swing  part 2 4
The Swing  part 2 5
The Swing  part 2 6

A naked suspension becomes a swing.

The complete big session uncut in two parts ...