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What a mega session! Orgasm to absolute exhaustion!

Two naked girls at BDSM Day. Dark Elfe sits on the Sybian first. Feet and hands fixed. You can't escape. It drives her hard to orgasm! Really extreme !!! Meanwhile, Yvette is fixed in the gyn chair and her cunt is inflated with a vacuum pump.

After Dark Elfe is completely finished, Yvette is now put on the Sybian with a thick pussy! Another great highlight now! After that, the session should actually end ... But Dark Elfe wants to get on the orgasm apparatus again! This time Yvette operates the device and there is a really really extreme end!

extreme sybian session 0
extreme sybian session 1
extreme sybian session 2

Our new toy in the studio!

An extreme session on the Sybian! Defenseless tied to the apparatus, weights on the nipples and also on the neck!

The device is turned on until I can no longer! An extreme session!

I can be cruel, too...

20:32 minutesBondage
I can be cruel, too... 0
I can be cruel, too... 1
I can be cruel, too... 2
I can be cruel, too... 3
I can be cruel, too... 4

Andreas prepared a nice toy for me to play with...