the noose around the neck 0
the noose around the neck 1
the noose around the neck 2
the noose around the neck 3
the noose around the neck 4
the noose around the neck 5
the noose around the neck 6

A very, very narrow variant. This time on the table again and with nasty games with the neck and the crane ...

Yvette really doesn't have it easy!

Supertight Session 0
Supertight Session 1
Supertight Session 2
Supertight Session 3
Supertight Session 4
Supertight Session 5
Supertight Session 6

A super tight session!
Kneeling on the table, naked! Hands fixed on the back, tits tied off! Everything very tight with thin ropes...
The head wide in the neck, the eyes tied up...a rope tight at the neck.....and then there is the hook in the cunt, which pulls the head back!
Hang in there Yvette!!! It becomes strenuous!

The Claire Adams Session 0
The Claire Adams Session 1
The Claire Adams Session 2
The Claire Adams Session 3
The Claire Adams Session 4
The Claire Adams Session 5
The Claire Adams Session 6

I had one of my biggest and toughest sessions with Claire Adams ... Trick: Isn't that what she is known for!

Cable ties really tight 0
Cable ties really tight 1
Cable ties really tight 2
Cable ties really tight 3
Cable ties really tight 4
Cable ties really tight 5
Cable ties really tight 6

Another live session on BDSM Day.

Today again with cable ties. The things cut tightly and painfully into the bare skin!

Latex hogtie

Yvette Costeau14:57 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Latex hogtie 0
Latex hogtie 1
Latex hogtie 2
Latex hogtie 3
Latex hogtie 4
Latex hogtie 5
Latex hogtie 6

Yvette once not naked! ;o)

Instead, in a skin-tight latex catsuit. But the hogtie is even tighter than the latex!

Cable tie fixation 0
Cable tie fixation 1
Cable tie fixation 2
Cable tie fixation 3
Cable tie fixation 4
Cable tie fixation 5
Cable tie fixation 6

in Tights on the table ..... in a really tight and uncomfortable fixation with cable ties. Live on BDSM Day ....

Hard Hogtie

Yvette Costeau14:05 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Nudist
Hard Hogtie 0
Hard Hogtie 1
Hard Hogtie 2
Hard Hogtie 3
Hard Hogtie 4
Hard Hogtie 5
Hard Hogtie 6

A tight hogtie, naked on the table ....

At the request of a fan, the mouth was covered with lycra plaster.